Version 3.9.0 - Cursed Chests

Hello Olympians!

With version 3.9.0 we bring you a long overdue, and sweeping overhaul of the Titan Chest and Titan Codes system.

Cursed Chests

Any Titan Chests you gain via Titan Points will now be Cursed, these can no longer be opened by having someone else enter your Titan Code:

  • You must fulfill a quest to break the curse (in the same way as Cursed Hero Items).
  • Completing the quest will allow you to open one Cursed Titan Chest.
  • There is no limit to the number of quests you can complete, and chests you can open, as long as you gain enough Titan Points to get more chests.
  • You can still pay Gems to open the Cursed Titan Chests, however the price has been reduced.

While making the change from code-locked chests to cursed chests we have also changed several other areas of the system:

  • You can now enter as many codes as you wish, and link with as many players as you wish, the code box will no longer disappear.
  • However, if you add 10 players to your Titan List you will need to delete one before you can add another code.
  • All locked Titan Chests in your inventory have now been converted into Cursed Chests.

So the system has changed, but the principle is the same - add players to your list to earn Titan Points, get a free Cursed Chest every 30 Titan Points, finish your task and enjoy your rewards.

Hero Item Chests

We have added a new chest to the Market. Every 8 hours you will now be able to buy a Hero Item Chest tailored to a specific Hero. These chests will only contain Hero Items which are usable by that Hero or Heroine.


  • Small improvements were made to the statistics displays for some Powers.
  • We also fixed an issue which caused the Victory Points won in War Battles where the Gate was not destroyed not to count towards Cursed Item tasks.

Important Note:  This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later.

Your Olympus Rising Team