Version 3.9.0

I am a little bit confused about the latest update. 

I was lucky enough having 10 linked active friends and getting a titan chest per 3-4 days and an ordinary account was opening the chest. Now, there is no such an oppurtunity for me and some players like me.  At least i think it seems better for new players, they can enter up to 10 codes and fastly get 10 linked accounts. And they get a chest per 3 days. But,  I hope the quests for breaking the curse of titan chests are balanced nice. Because, some of the cursed item quests was near impossible to do. On conclusion, update seems fair for me and will be good for the most of the players (if the quests hardness well balanced of course) and for gem rich players… 

You are correct about the gem bit for sure. Indeed, the Titan chest buy option combined with progressive unique chances gave me a rough estimate of 15.4 chests required to get a unique. Need I say who now wants an x2 discount?

I’m not a big fan of this change. I’m actually fairly disappointed in the update in general. I got excited for quality of life changes, but this seems to be an overhaul to a system that wasn’t broken to begin with (from a player’s point of view), and just something that nobody was asking for, while there are scores of things people have been requesting forever now that are still not implemented.

I hope there’s more coming in a patch, because this is extremely underwhelming otherwise.

Since this update my game crashed if i buy to open a titan chest. I cant see the task which is to do for opening tge chests.

These are update-related bugs which have been reported. Standby for fixes is all I can say regarding this issue atm.

Also, one thing which might not have been anticipated:

The current titan chests obtainable for titan points have been converted to cursed chests, with the same timer.

If a player gets a quest to score VPs in war and the duration until expiration of the chest is 1 day or so… Then this player is pretty much f… :stuck_out_tongue:

The mentioned above can be applied to Odyssey related quests (if Odyssey has already been completed this week by the player), or any high time consuming quests…


  • There is also disconnection if a quest is successfully completed and the player taps on the validation of the quest to unlock the chest.

Where are the quests to open? Now all I have is a locked chest that will cost 250 gems to open. I dont see anywhere the conditions needed to open.

This whole concept feels half baked. Can we go back to the old way?

As much as this holds, for me it would suck to go back to my one titan code giver from the 10 I have just established with the update. Just an opinion from someone practically lower level-wise and “younger” in terms of the gameplay time than 80% of the players on this forum

I agree with dumpster congrants 

It seems we have 2 problems right now:

  1. Some of my team members say, they can not see the quest for breaking the curse. 

  2. The timer countdown decreased dramatically for the old chests. 

Hi Fellas,

I think new version is pretty good,apart from some bugs.Like cursed chests not showing quest required to open them but allowing players to unlock Ajax faster by letting players to add ten accounts is a pretty good move because some of my friend were facing problem regarding linked accounts as the player with whom they share accounts were no longer active .So,they were not getting any Titan points from them.

Also,nobody has noticed changes to "famous "quest prior to version 3.9 unlocking a three star silver portrait give you 250 gems but now it has been increased to 5000 gems and I don’t want to guess how much amount of gems they have increased for 3 star gold Portrait(must be 10000 gems or more) :wink: .Developers actually read the content of this post and implemented this change.I am glad they did it now it makes perfect sense to invest time in Odysseys.

So yeah I think @CaptainMorgan , @Chris and Flaregames is indeed doing a good job of listening to players opinion on game and with every update they are actually making this game better.

About the change for titan chests:

For players who already had 10 linked accounts (often dummy accounts), it was easier previously to open these chests by entering the code.

For players who didn’t have 10 linked accounts, the new system gives them more chances to be able to benefit from these chests.

However some refining might be required…

As mentioned by @dumpster in this topic (, some quests are not user friendly. 

Having such quest which cannot be completed under certain circumstances and leads to losing the chest can be frustrating.

It also already took time to unlock cursed items through quests, having a similar thing for the chests is pretty much time consuming. It’s good as everyone can do it, but it can also feel overwhelming.


  • If a player didn’t collect a few chests, they stack. The problem is that there is only one quest active at a time right now, making it tough to open all the chests on time, depending on the quest.

  • Entering a code had the benefit of unlocking a chest before, this was a good incentive too. Maybe keep a possibility for players to unlock a chest when they enter a code, in addition to the quests. 

  • With the current chests stacking system: might be nice to add the possibility to skip a quest/chest if the quest is deemed too hard by a player, who therefore cannot complete any other quest in the meantime and might end losing other chests.


  • The dedicated hero item chest is pretty expensive for one chest… If you compare the price to the one of promotions, a choice is easily made. Maybe scale it down a bit to something closer to 500 gems but with a cooldown of 12h between each chest.


Enjoy the codes spamming on alliance chats! ??


Yes that seems quite a must to have!

I’m quite sure that the answer of FG will be: “It is already possible to skip it, use gems to open it”…

The main problem with this update is that it doesn’t positively change any way we interact with the game, it just takes a feature that was in the background and brings it front and center with an extremely annoying mechanic. And now we’ll have to do it more often, because we’ll have more Titan points coming in. 

I was hoping for quality of life changes that made me enjoy playing the game more, not a change that just forces me to play more. Players are upset about this. 

What it does is remove a mechanic Android players were exploiting to open more chests for free and replace it with a level playing field. Not sure it’s the best way to do it but I imagine most complaints will be from Android users who’ve lost their exploit.

When a balancing fix like that is the only content in two months, and we’re already being told that the next update is a long way out, players start quitting. 

I want to play the game less and enjoy it more. This does the opposite. 

Totally agree with dumpster.

no news in the game, no challenges , no new ideas. 


Get over it. They said 3.9 would be a Minor update with 4.0 coming with no date yet. It gets really boring people saying every update how it will make more people quit. People stop and start playing all the time. If this minor update makes you want to play less then play less. For iOS users, apart from it being bugged, it sees the balance of an exploit Android users have been using to their advantage for far too long.