Version 3.9.2 on IOS is unplayable

Simple too much bugs

1.Cannot do dungeon because I have a red warning the game don’t loading for I don’t know which reason

2.Because of number 1 then I lose 1 worker because of this red weird message

3.Free video don’t work

4.Compared on PC. On IOS the festival is impossible. I have waste over 2000 foods just for the 1 chest. Still the second to do. I am level 62 at 1000 trophy and I have the impression the game give me player base level 90 with 3000 trophy. Like 3 times more hard than normal. I guess I should be happy that allow me to do Academy Troops level 10 and unlock the Monk

5.My collect button don’t work. Grey out. So I am forced to collect all manually

6.When I try to find opponent the game disconnect. I try to clean my alliance notification the game disconnect

3.9.2 work great on PC but on IOS (Ipad) is a pain. better avoid to play on it. Android,Windows Phone or PC

this is amazing

Thank you for forwarding, we will investigate.

For your issue number 1, you might try to install the game again, and/or release space in your internal memory of the phone. This red message usually happen for these 2 reasons.

nothing work. I have 8 GB free on my ipad. Its not the problem. In 3.9.1 all worked fine. I have try right now and still unplayable. I have click on collect button and he become grey and I have a ton of disconnection. Same with a reinstall change nothing. The red message who say : the dungeon won’t loading still there. Thank you for the answer. I will forget to play on my ipad and I will continue on my PC.

No problems at all here on iPad or iPhone…

lvl 90 with 3000 trophy… rich guy must be :wink: