version 3.9.5 logging problems


My game crash with the latest version of the game (version 3.9.5), i do not have access on the game!

I use a S4 phone, last version android 5.0.1

Please do something with this problem .


Hey @olympyumarius

Could you please try deleting and reinstalling the app?

already i did that :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for checking. Please contact the support team here:

Thank you for your support !


Same problem with me.

We have found the issue, a new version will be released shortly for Android.

@iamGodMAC Follow the instructions above, already i sent a message for support team with my problem!

@CaptainMorgan that’s good news! :grinning:



I already did. Please have it fixed soon, not later than the start of the war. Thanks.

Thanks @CaptainMorgan

@iamGodMAC can you please confirm that you also have Android version 5.0.1, and which device?

@CaptainMorgan Yup, same android version using Samsung Galaxy S5.

The alliance council messages disappear very quickly. I left a message, then came back maybe 30 minutes later and it was gone.

Guys I am also playing the new version on an andriod device and I am able to log in.The game is not crashing for me.

I am using Android nougat 7.1.2 version on a Xiaomi mi max 2.

Thanks guys, this seems to be an Android 5.0.1 only issue, there will be an official announcement.

We will also fix the Alliance Council messages soon.™

Until then i can not do anything, how can i have access, to the old version to install it?

They could send an email with a link to the old version, for all those who encounter this problem.

Just an opinion.


@iamGodMAC @olympyumarius, we have just released a version which should be fixed. Would be great if you could try it out.

Everything works again!

Thank you

@CaptainMorgan, the new update fixed my game. Big thanks to you and the rest of flaregames team for the quick response and fixing the issue. I have been a patron of this game for almost a year now and your other game Royal Revolt 2 for more than 2 years now. Kudos to you all, and keep up the great service you give us!??