Version 3.9, when?

Server maintenance 

You need to check the play store for the update, a server maintenance isn’t enough

Let’s see 

Hopefully it will be for next version 

I think it’ll be later this week, or early next week sometime that it comes out. They are probably still sorting some things out

Hope for the new update…?

No update seems 

They showed “Girl Power Cup” pro league which means that the update will come in less than 19h

Isaw that name before server break :slight_smile:

I meant in the video

Update come either before war or after war , that’s what i know?

OK ? 

Wow you know everything :stuck_out_tongue:

They have done updates during Pro League too, so… who knows? =p


Yes , thanks to understand sarath ?:slight_smile:

@SarathVL, what I mean is, the update will not be released today. Flare does not want to release this update too quickly, as being too hasty may result in bugs. And we all hate bugs

OK, agree with your statement ??

Yes right , but i just said that the update will come before war or after war because i haven’t seen any update between events and war…

So you’re saying that Flare has never released any updates hastily before because they always ensure that no bugs are present in the new patch? =p


lol, no, I’m saying, they are taking extra care with this update. I think that’s why we haven’t had anything this year, until now