Version 4.0.0 - Alliance War Leagues!

Hello Olympians,

It seems after many months of War, the gods have finally decided that such glorious bloodshed should be more organised. Welcome to Version 4.0 and Alliance War Leagues!

Alliance War Leagues and Seasons

The biggest change coming with Version 4.0 is the addition of Alliance Leagues, with 6 different Leagues to fight your way through, and some fabulous prizes to be won. 


Fight alongside your fellow Alliance Members to gain Torches over the course of a 6 Week Season, containing 4 Wars. At the end of the Season the Alliance which gains the most Torches in their League will be promoted to the next one, whereas the worst performing Alliances will see themselves drop to a lower League.](

When the Season ends, each member of every Alliance which has managed to remain in one of the 6 Leagues will gain wonderous gifts from the gods, with higher Leagues meaning better prizes!

Along with the Seasons and Leagues comes a few changes to the Wars themselves. Winning a War will no longer gain you Blessings; instead you will gain Alliance Gold depending on your position in the War. Blessings can now only be won at the end of a Season. We’re also introducing 4 new War modes!

  • a 4 Alliance Campaign
  • a 3 Alliance Confrontation
  • a 2 Alliance Duel
  • a 2 Alliance Incursion

Each of these Wars will play differently and require new strategies. To help you with this, we are also introducing…

War Markers

Use War Markers to mark islands when coordinating your Alliance during a War. We’ve introduced 4 different Markers, which can be placed on as many islands as you choose!


With a record number of players reaching the stage of the game where they can be competitive in Alliance Wars, it’s also become time to make it a little easier to manage your Heroes in and out of the War setting. That’s why (after many requests) we’ve introduced…](

Hero Item Slots

Use up to 3 different loadouts for your Heroes, and switch between them easily, depending on the kind of battle you’re expecting to fight. One set for Autoplay, one set for Wars, one set for Odyssey? Up to you.

You will also be able to choose which Hero Item Set is used by your Hero Statue, and thus change the equipment of your Statue without messing up your attack strategy.

As always… that’s not all! Here are the other features coming with Version 4.0:

  • Donation Bonus is now dependant on how long you have been in your current Alliance, and no longer related to how many Torches your Alliance has.
  • It is now possible to buy Epic Chests even after the 10 Chest limit, for a small amount of Gems.
  • Made the increase in Strike Difficulty between each Difficulty Level much larger
  • Messages:
    • Fixed that Alliance Application Messages were missing their info button (for new messages only).
    • Fixed that Player Kicked/Left Message info buttons pointed to the wrong place.
    • Fixed that the unread Messages notification disappeared without reading the Messages.
  • Fixed that selling a Hero Item reset the Hero Item filter
  • Fixed that in specific languages up to half of input chat text would not be sent correctly.
  • Made tweaks and improvements to the initial tutorial
  • Changed the appearance of in-game buttons
  • Cursed Titan Chests now have an unlimited lifetime
  • There is now a maximum limit to the amount of Cursed Titan Chests you can have at any one time
  • Instant rewards are now instantly collected after a battle

We’re really looking forward to our upcoming adventures with you all, and hope you enjoy the new version!

- Your Olympus Rising Team