Version 4.0.3 - Game Fixes

Greetings Mortals,

A new version is available for all platforms, with the following changes:

  • There is now an Equip (All) button when changing your Hero’s equipped Items, which allows you to equip the Hero Item to all 3 Hero Item Sets.
  • Tapping an Alliance Sigil in the War Overview will now take you to the Alliance Info Screen.
  • Fixed that some War Markers disappear from the War Map when leaving the screen.
  • Fixed that the Select Hero button was disabled during the War Preparation Tutorial.
  • Fixed that Hero Statue stats can exceed the designed cap.
  • Fixed that the Donation Bonus is not applied correctly.
  • Improved performance for some devices (note: this might result in slightly different graphics for your device).
  • Changed the App Icon.

Note: Please be aware that the new version might not yet be available in your country’s store. If this is the case, please check back later. It shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

Thank you, - Your Olympus Rising Team