Version 4.0.3

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Have a look through the forums, I think you’ll agree the general mood isn’t great…

The announcement about the statue nerf is pretty well the final straw for many. We can live with issues but not when you keep mucking around with established parts of the game for no reason when we are yet to know if the basic mechanics of the game work correctly.

So, my sensible suggestion, do as you claim to do (although the evidence is rather thin…) and listen to us when we moan and try to actually action something accordingly…

The statue Nerf is much to much, 45% resistance means they will fall like paper. Even my baby account at LV 79 I was slowly building is about to be affected ,(as it was 45+ physical)… Try being sensible and putting a loh limit and maybe 75% resistances, see how it goes? Try giving some other powers or kit more use? The only powers that do a thing to the statue are armitis, so go along those lines and boost the (for example) slow down causes by oceanos?

Anyway, you’ll likely ignore this and take another sledgehammer to another part of the game that doesn’t need it…

I completely concur with Stu’s sentiments … 

I implore you guys to shelve any plans for the foreseeable future as I genuinely believe this will be the biggest mass exodus the game has seen

You have so many players active and vocal, why wouldn’t you put suggestions to a POLL, rather than saying ‘I’m happy to announce v4.03 with the following changes … ‘ and without it being implemented has already failed and backfired … and if you disagree, read the threads

So many outstanding issues should have been rectified as a matter of urgency, and it’s as though you’ve started from the bottom of the list first

The statue should remain untouched …

I would bet MAJORITY of players have upgraded their statue making him tough to beat, but it’s generic across the board … ‘So why change’

i think once again you will open up Pandora’s Box and you will get bigger issues with overflow effects … but I think this time and with players patience running out, it may be too late 


I can understand that you don’t feel the need to respond to abuse and negativity, but I sincerely hope you guys take note and LISTEN to what the people that pay, that play are telling you




The change is a bug fix, and nothing more. The statue was intended to have half the maximum resistance of a Hero, but instead just has half the uncapped resistance. The way it currently works means that people can create incredibly strong statues, and also leads to all players using almost exactly the same statue, as this cookie-cutter build is simply the best, and often leads to the statue lasting longer than the rest of the defenses. We wanted to make sure that you guys knew in advance this time, exactly so that we could receive feedback on the change and evaluate it before the version is released, rather than after.

Responding to your feedback, we’ve had further discussions here. We will try with a middle-ground resistance cap, for statues, of 75% for the first release and see what effect this has on defenses. We’re also evaluating your other suggestion of allowing more Power effects to affect the statue, we intend to slightly increase the Okeanos slow effect on the statue, as well as allow a very heavily reduced Stun to take effect for those Powers which cause stun.

Thank you.

Could you please stop calling the things bugs though? A bug gets discovered and dealt with once it rears its head, this statue strength and the forging were around for many months and an accepted part of the game, open to all to access and utilise, that’s the reason for the anger.

It wasn’t many months, the resistances being capped at 90% have been exactly the same since ancient defenders were first introduced, when? January of 2017?

now some people have speculated that even though the displayed cap was 90%, you could get higher just by improving resistances. That would be a bug. 

Theres a completely unintended interaction between area damage and damage reflection. That’s a bug. They should try and figure out what it is and fix it. Just turning off all area damage is a poor bug fix. They should rethink that decision. 

There was essentially no cap to life on hit. That’s not a bug, it’s just a poor design decision. Placing a cap on LoH for statues is a good design decision! 

Doing any of this before forging is fixed is a criminal design decision. And I think they had to nerf statues because they killed forging and the difficulty is about to be ramped up a ton. See also: nerfing odyssey. 

I agree the statues were a mess and did ruin part of the game, but this should of been discussed with the community for some proper feedback, not done back to front like this


Absolutely agreed.

Besides, pretending to be just rebalancing is less embarassing than stating that forging was a bug, statues resistances was a bug … especially as you already “fixed” statues resistances once in the past. 

I liked them. They were fun and made the game competitive.

nobody wants to have a statue that’s easy. 

Why overcomplicate what is generic for everyone, and works

Attend to things that need to be fixed now … ie. Forging, and bring back the fun

Hello guys! In addition to recent bugs and fears about the new limits of resistance of the statues. One issue that annoys me is the fragility of the defenses. Today there is no defense that holds the heroes, I mean … a defense strong enough to make the invader spend gems. I remember that some time ago there were very difficult defenses to pass, something that no longer exists. The only difference in the current defenses has been the statues, something that left the attacks bland and without fun. Please friends of FG, rethink the levels of the defenses and the levels of the units.

Yeah, this is the bug that should be fixed.

The game dies without new content. 

I fancy war Blessings will make the chosen ones have much tougher defences…

The rest of us though…

weren’t you just complaining about being in league of titans? you’re going to have 6 war blessings. Even if you drop to gods you’ll have everything except chaos gate.

@StuartMc1 nice proposal… @CaptainMorgan thanks for listening…


Is true.  The dynamics of the game has gotten increasingly boring. Defenses with similar layouts that hold nothing. FG it’s time to improve the defenses

I understood you only get blessings for placing, finish mid league and you get nothing? Or have I got it wrong? 

All in the league get the blessings of their league. They are given after being promoted/demoted.

Ok, fair enough, I thought I saw something showing different blessings for the top 3…? Hey ho, it’s not like we’ve had a war to try it and see it in action.



With all reason the defenses are very weak, I just do not see the need to tinker with the GK's while there are so many bugs in the war. While there are unfulfilled promises (Gems to reconcile them and the reward for the challenge). But no, they prefer to touch the statues! With so many things of greater magnitude, it will harm the gatekeepers that until now has not been harmful to anyone. Want to equalize the GK's? Increase the levels. + Levels + Strong Items + Strong Defense = Equalize the superforced items with the unworked items on top of that, and consequently there would be the Gk balance between all. This is about logic.