Version 4.0.4 - 75%!

Greetings Mortals,

We have now released Version 4.0.4 which contains a fix for the Hero Statues having only 45% resistance.

In addition, you should note that your Hero Statue resistance stats are now also 83% of your Hero’s stats, instead of the previous 50%. When you hit the cap of 90% with your Hero, you will simultaneously hit the cap of 75% with your Statue.

Here are the other changes which came with 4.0.3 and are also included in 4.0.4:

  • There is now an Equip (All) button when changing your Hero’s equipped Items, which allows you to equip the Hero Item to all 3 Hero Item Sets.
  • Tapping an Alliance Sigil in the War Overview will now take you to the Alliance Info Screen.
  • Fixed that some War Markers disappear from the War Map when leaving the screen.
  • Fixed that the Select Hero button was disabled during the War Preparation Tutorial.
  • Fixed that the Donation Bonus is not applied correctly.
  • Improved performance for some devices (note: this might result in slightly different graphics for your device).
  • Changed the App Icon.

Note: Please be aware that the new version might not yet be available in your country’s store. If this is the case, please check back later.

Thank you, - Your Olympus Rising Team