Version 4.2.0 - May the Forge be with you

Greetings Olympians,

The long and difficult wait is over, Hephaestus has now completed his on-the-job training, and is ready to perform new feats of Forging prowess. Version 4.2.0 is now available for download!

Here is what you can expect:

Refining Items

Have some Hero Items which you’ve already forged to their maximum potential? Then Refining is for you.

Any Hero Item which has 5-Stars can now be Refined. Refining an item will return it to being an Epic item, but increase its overall potential power, meaning that Forging it again will yield a more powerful item than before.

Refining brings even more than that. In order to Refine an item, you will need to dismantle a 5-Star Titan rarity item. One of the Perks on this item will be transferred to the item you Refine, giving it a total of 3 Stats! Since items can be refined twice, this can lead to a maximum of 4 different stats on each item. Note: if the Perk from the item you dismantle is already on the item you are refining, you will receive a random Perk instead.

The stronger the Perk on the item you dismantle, the stronger the Perk on the item you Refine.

An item with 3 stats is a Silver-Star item, an item with 4 stats is a Gold-Star item.


Items with 3 or 4 statistics ](

Refining an item should be done with care, and only carried out when you have already planned what you wish to achieve with your Hero loadout. When an item is Refined, and a Perk is added, each of the Perks on the item is reduced in strength, to ensure that the item is not  too  overpowered. However, the combined potential strength of the Perks will still be higher than before the item was refined. The item can be forged and refined again to further increase their power, and can be combined with other items to create more powerful Heroes than ever before.


The normal Forging system has also been altered. The strength of the item you are dismantling in order to Forge is no longer relevant when it comes to deciding the power of the item you are Forging. Now, the more Stars on the item you are dismantling, the stronger the item Forged. Always Forging and Refining by dismantling items with the maximum number of Stars will result in significantly more powerful items than simply dismantling 1-Star items.

Note: whether or not the item has 2, 3 or 4 Perks does not have an effect on the power increase through Forging, there is no need to waste your 3 or 4 Perk (Silver- or Gold-star) items when Forging. The only time stronger items have an effect is when you Refine. Once again: don’t dismantle your Refined items when Forging, unless you have a really good reason!


Although a 5-Gold-Star Titan item (with 4 Perks) can no longer be upgraded, they do not become obsolete. it is possible to use these items to Refine a normal Bronze-5-Star Titan Item. The additional strength of the fully upgraded item will be carried over, allowing you to endlessly loop your upgrades and continue making more and more powerful items. Since refining an item gives a bigger boost to its potential than Forging does, and that boost depends on the item you use, this is the most powerful possible way to upgrade your items, if you have the patience!

Forging Unique Items

Up until now, you could Forge a Unique Item once per Ascension

Dismantling a Silver- or Gold-Star item to Forge a Unique Item will add additional Perks from the item you dismantled, allowing you to have up to 4 stats on any Unique Item. Doing this will also raise it to the maximum power for your Ascension Level.

But, of course, Forging isn’t the only thing to change in this version.



Other Changes

  • We have added a “lock” button to the Hero Item details screen, allowing you to lock items which you do not wish to sell or destroy. These items will not appear in the selection menu when choosing an item to dismantle for Forging.
  • We have added a list of active Blessings to Alliance Info screens.
  • The number of Bonus Torches won during a War is now displayed:
    • In the War Overview.
    • In the War Result.
    • In the War Result Celebration.
  • Information on the current War is now viewable during the War.
  • Changed the icon used for the War Marker menu.
  • The Date of a message is now shown in Alliance Chat
  • Changed the way the Celestial Boost prolonging works, to prevent exploiting cheap costs at low levels to prolong boosts for years.
  • Fixed that closing the Season Started popup opened the Season Leaderboard
  • Fixed that the War Started popup appeared multiple times
  • Fixed that the War End popup appeared multiple times
  • Fixed that a player switching Alliances would get a War Celebration
  • Fixed that the Bonus Torches progress bar did not fill correctly
  • Fixed that some Powers’ stats were inconsistent on different screens
  • Fixed that inactive Alliances were still present in the Hall of Gods.