Version 4.4.2 available now (for Android and Windows) - Patch Notes

Dear Players,

We have just released the new version 4.4.2 for Android and Windows. The iOS version still needs to be approved by the App Store and we hope for it to be released by the end of the week.

This version contains bug fixes for the following:

  • Broken Throne Room layout on iPads
  • Item meltdown button available on equipped items leading to crashes
  • Custom eyes broken on android devices
  • Crashes on all platforms when defense yetis are involved

Other feature:

  • Middle Chest Stack added to Guardian Chest Shop

Please note (Known issue): The middle chest stack which was added to the Guardian Chest Shop will only work after a Live Server Update which will be performed today in the afternoon. Please do not use it yet, as for the time being it will give you a game disconnect.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support.

Your Royal Revolt 2 team


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Version 4.4.2 is now also available on iOS. Unfortunately, the attempted fix for the Yeti crashes did not work, the rest of the bugs (Item Melt crash, Thone Room Layout issues) should, however, be fixed with this version. Note: We are already in the process of finalizing the new version with the (hopefully :wink: ) last fix for the Yeti crash and will submit asap. I’ll keep you posted on its availability.