Version 5.0.0 - Coming next week!


Greetings Mortals,

Version 5.0.0 will be arriving very soon (hopefully on Monday ). It is not being released today, this is a preview which contains important information!

As preparation, and since we won’t be able to update you once the Forum becomes read-only, I will be listing some important information and changelists for the version. I will be back to answer any questions you have, as soon as the new forum is up. In the meantime, please send any urgent issues to our    customer support team   .  This will be the only form of contact until the new forum arrives.

So first off, a couple of warnings and important pieces of information:

The download size of the Olympus Rising app has increased significantly. The reason for this is that we will no longer be downloading additional data after you boot the game (with the exception of an update to the balancing if one is available). In the past, when additional data was necessary it would be downloaded at game start (for example, we often did not download graphical data which was not necessary at the early stages of the game). Now the app is a single download, with all necessary data to play and unlock all aspects of the game included in that download.

We have made a change to the cost of uncursing Hero Items and Chests. The cost to uncurse will now depend on the progress you have made on clearing the curse. You will only pay the full price with 0% progress. As such, if you have made progress on an Item or Chest, you will save Gems by waiting for the new version to drop before breaking the curse.

We have made several balancing changes to Blessings. It’s important to read through them as they will come into effect along with the new version.

We will be removing the Alliance Torches Hall of Gods, the only measures of an Alliance’s strength from now on will be the Alliance Trophies Hall of Gods, and the Season Leaderboard.

There are several important fixes which mean you may have to change your setup before raiding , or asap in order to ensure your defense is not compromised in the new version:

We have fixed an issue which caused Frostbite and Demolition to one-shot defenses. This will take effect as soon as you boot up the new version (yes you will need to update in order to continue playing).

We have fixed an issue through which a high Attack Speed gave Hero Statues unbeatable amounts of Life on Hit. The amount of Life on Hit will now be normalised depending on the Attack Speed. A more detailed explanation can be found below and we will be asking for your feedback once the new forum is online. Note: this only affects Statues, not Heroes.

We have fixed that Frenzy could be given an unlimited duration using Bia.

Now to the meat of the update! Here is a brief overview of how the War Enhancements will work. A feedback thread will only be created when the new forum is active :

Alliances can win temporary War Enhancements by successfully attacking or defending islands in Alliance Wars.

You will be able to identify which Islands have a winnable War Enhancement via an icon over the Island.

Selecting the island will give you details about the strength of the War Enhancement.

During the Strike, you will be able to see information about the War Enhancement you will win, along with the current/max strength.

Gaining more VP will increase the strength of the Enhancement.

The maximum winnable Enhancement strength is the same for all Leagues.

Every island can have a potential War Enhancement that can be won by either one of the Alliances who fight for it.

All members of the Alliance which wins the Strike on an island will get its temporary War Enhancement, as long as they are eligible to fight in the current War.

When the Strike is over the Enhancement is removed from this island and cannot be won again in this War.

War Enhancements last until the start of the next War Season. Meaning they will stack throughout the Season and give each Alliance a unique set of War Enhancements in the final War.

If the same War Enhancement is won twice, the remaining time for that War Enhancement will not be added, it will remain as the start of the next Season, however, the value of the War Enhancement will be stacked.

War Enhancements count both in War battles and in non-War battles.

Here is a detailed explanation about the changes to Life on Hit:

Life on Hit (LoH) has been an extremely powerful perk for Hero Statues, especially when combined with high Attack Speed. Some Statues have become virtually impossible to beat because of their immense self-healing potential.

Heroes with LoH get healed by a set amount of health with every melee attack. This means that the faster they attack, the more life they can restore in the same time. Increasing your Attack Speed also used to increase your effective “life per second”. To make these Hero Statues beatable again, we decided to normalize the life restored by LoH with their Attack Speed. This means that stacking Attack Speed no longer increases how fast the Statue can heal itself back up. Your Hero Statue’s “life per second” will now remain the same if you increase its Attack Speed Perk. The faster it attacks, the less life is restored with every attack. The change was only made to Hero Statues, not to attacking Heroes. It is applied to all sources of Attack Speed (innate Hero Bonuses, Hero Items and Masteries).

We hope to make the battles more enjoyable, even if it means that we had to nerf some Statues slightly. Once the update is live please take your time and play a few battles before you make a judgement. Maybe try and use other Heroes now, since Perseus had quite a bit of an advantage with up to +35% Attack Speed. We would be happy to get your feedback once the new Forum is live:

Are the battles more fun, now that you don’t have to dedicate such a big chunk of the time spent on hacking away the the Hero Statue?

Do you think that other Heroes have become viable as Hero Statues?

Are defenses now too weak?

Here is the full list of changes coming in version 5.0.0; as mentioned we will bring you a further forum update once the version is out!

Alliances can now earn temporary enhancements depending on which island they defend or conquer in Alliance Wars.

We no longer download app data after the initial app download.

Removed Facebook and Twitter tabs from the Social Menu.

Removed the Alliance Torches leaderboard and all references to it.

Tweaked graphical and performance settings.

Improved stability and compatibility of Ad Videos.

Costs of uncursing Items and Chests is now reduced depending on the progress made.

Disabled video ads on iPad 2 devices, due to instability.

Titan Sea Chests now have a chance to contain 4-star (or 5-star Titan) Hero Items

The reminder notification to prolong Celestial Boosts now comes 24h before they will expire

Slightly reduced chance of finding Unique Items

Alliances which are auto-promoted will now be able to access War Blessings from their new League.

Increased damage done by Hydra Invocation

Rebalanced the requirements of some Cursed Items tasks

Rebalanced some War Blessings:

Chaos Gate: Reduced duration of every black hole from 3 to 2 seconds (and therefore reduced damage by 33%), also reduced number of units which can be pulled in by every black hole from 6 to 5

Phalanx Barricade: Now attacks every 3 seconds instead of every 2 seconds (effectively reducing its damage and knockback potential)

Styx Tower: Increased HP bonus from 80% to 100%

Perses Tower: Increased number of bomb clusters caused by every explosion from 12 to 15

Chrysaor Gorgon: Now spawns 3 Spearmen and 1 Warrior on death (instead of 5 Spearmen and no Warriors)

Siren of Persephone: Increased HP bonus from 30% to 40%

Fixed an issue with rendering bloom effects which was affecting performance.

Fixed a disconnect when forging a Unique item with identical Perks.

Fixed an issue with Mortal Mode in AR Mode.

Fixed an issue which caused a combination of Frostbite and Demolition to one-shot defences.

Fixed a bug where players who recently switched Alliances got told that they would not get any rewards from the next War Season.

Hero Statues’ health restored through Life on Hit now gets normalized with its Attack Speed.

Fixed that Level 1 Phoenixes could not cross barricades.

Fixed that the GDPR popup appeared after every update.

Fixed that Frenzy could be given unlimited duration by activating Bia.

We hope you enjoy the version, and apologise for the upcoming information blackout!

Until then, - Captain Morgan

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