Version 5.0.0 - F-e-e-d-b-a-c-k


Hi guys, I could not wait to speak up about the new update.

Though good intentions, and fixed a lot of bugs, I have to say the biggest buzz is the GK nerf. I am not going to nag and whine about it, so I will just give facts: The nerf is huge and unfortunately, making the game (raids) too easy. I will let time show, but my only concern is that even the people that wanted this, will get bored and quit. GK are now dropping like flies, there is no point to build up heroes, as the majority of bases can be taken down, with a lot time to spare. There is no struggle, no rush at the last second, not trying to find a weak spot, a setup or a tactic to win the raid…

In any case, I won’t say more for now, I’ll try to work with what I have, but it is unfortunate that if this was a wrong move, it will be too late to change it back.

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