Version 5.0 available now// Community update!

(Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.)

King and Queens!

The time has finally come for us to release our anticipated version 5.0! Over the last few months, our team has been working hard on what shaped up to be our biggest Community Version to date. Chock-full with long-time community requests, quality-of-life improvements and fun additions, this latest update of Royal Revolt 2 can be considered one big THANK YOU to all our players. For over half a decade, you are supporting our little game now and helped us achieve a goal that can’t be taken for granted in this industry: reaching the big 5. So without further ado, let’s jump into the details of RR2 Version 5.0:

Version overview video:


New Guardian - The Royal Advisor: What has been requested since year 1, is finally happening: Play as the Royal Advisor! Complete with her own set of spells and cheeky remarks, one of the most familiar faces of the franchise finally makes her debut on the battlefield. Check out our video for more details:



New Pal - Hans: Another long-time request from our players and basically a no-brainer (we have to admit :grinning:

New Environment - Sakura Valley: Just in time for seasonal cherry blossom festivities, a beautiful new environment has been added to the game. Just go to the Landscape Shop to obtain it. New Skins: Numerous new Skins - including our Contest Winner Skin - have been added to the game and will be offered in the game through the next couple of months. Easter Surprises: With the annual Easter festivities around the corner, stay tuned for several seasonal surprises. Cute as a button. New Features and Improvements:


  • Chat Improvements:


o    Translations and Copy/Paste are now available in the Alliance chat. While the translations for the moment are only available for max. level alliances, the Copy/Paste feature can be used by everybody. The reason for the limited availability of the translation feature lies in the fact that it is provided by an external service. Since this is the first time for us using such a service we are running this “test phase” for a while, to get a better idea of its scope and hopefully be able to offer a more widespread availability in the future.


o    Unsent chat message are now saved in the text box, even when the menu is closed.


  • Save different Defense Layouts:


  • Another feature our players have been requesting for many years is finally here. Save up to 3 different Defense layouts and conveniently switch them around according to your needs. Access the different layouts over the Test Defense loadout or the Wave Management menu.


  • New Alliance Application Requirements:


  • Alliance can now set additional requirements, that other players have to meet before they can apply for membership. These new custom requirements are:


- Min Throne Room Level


- Min Alliance Tower Level


- Min Hero Level


- Min Trophies


- Average Stronghold Player Building Level


  • Nationality in Player Profile:


  • It is now possible to pick 2 nationalities in the own player profile, for other players to see. It is also possible to search for players by them.


  • Pro-League Setup in Teasing Screen:


  • Players can now see a running Pro-Cup’s predefined setup before participating in the League.


  • Alliance Donations once a day:


  • The cooldown of Alliance Donations has been reworked to allow for donations once in 24 hours, instead of once every 24hours (similar to how the Daily rewards calendar works). With running Alliance Subscriptions, all 3 donations can be performed consecutively.


  • Festival Tokens can now also be found in the Chamber of Fortune.


  • The hitbox of the Alliance Tower in the castle scene has been reduced to avoid unwanted selections of the building.


  • The Voucher Bazaar now also offers Chests, that can be purchased with Vouchers.


  • The Nemesis Pal’s special move has been changed. Instead of turning itself into its Beast version, the Pal will now summon a Nemesis Dragon, that will cause damage, while the Pal stays active at all times.


  • At app start, we now take a stroll down memory lane as we look back at the keyarts of the past 5 years.


New Conquest Improvements:


  • New detailed member list on Conquest Map:


  • On the Conquest Map players can now access a full-details member list (button on the right-hand side) that will display all alliance members at all times, giving info about:


- Online status


- Last seen online


- Rank


- Troops


- Energy


- Skulls earned since the start of the Conquest Event


- Current Position (including a button to center on it)


- Current Orders (including a button to center on it)


- Activity State


  • More Conquest Activity Info:


  • The Alliance Progress Overview Screen now has a designated section for Conquest activity, containing info on:


- Tiles moved


- Energy spent


- Skull won


  • Progress Overview Sorting:


  • Additionally, that same screen can now be sorted by each of its columns: Online, Trophies, Resources donated, Average Player Building Level, Conquest Activity.


  • Auto-Assigning of Troops:


  • Generals and Leaders now have the option to set a value in their Stronghold on the Conquest Map for the amount of troops that will be automatically assigned to all alliance members before they leave their Stronghold.


  • Troops are now being assigned in steps of 10


  • Watchtower Build Orders:


  • Ranks Sergeant and above can now issue orders on tiles to let others know where a Watchtower should be built.


  • War Block Cap:


  • With version 4.5 we introduced a feature that would block the declaration of wars on Conquest Tiles, if a Conquest War has just finished on it. Since this war block time could end up being very high under certain circumstances, we are now introducing a maximum of 3 hours for this.


  • No more Movement Cooldown:


  • We have completely removed the Movement Cooldown from the Conquest mode. Instead, players can now move until their Energy is used up and do no longer have the additional limitation of the Movement Cooldown.


  • Rank Info Pop Up:


  • A new informative pop up has been added, explaining the different Alliance ranks. Simply go to a player’s profile and hit the “i” icon next to their rank to bring it up.


  • Preview Watchtower building costs for everybody:


  • It is now possible to preview the costs for building/upgrading a Watchtower, even if the own rank doesn’t allow for such actions to be performed. The corresponding menu can now be brought up by everybody, the execution of the action, however, stays reserved to the ranks Sergeant and above.


  • Resource Donation amount displayed:


  • The Alliance Progress Overview screen now also displays the amount of individual donations (on the Resource Donations pop up)


  • Conquest Wars can only be declared by ranks Sergeant and above. This decision was made to avoid unnecessary wars in Conquest Events, thereby lending more importance to the remaining wars.


Bugfixes and Polishing:


  • Fixed a bug with a misplaced exclamation mark above Basilisk Towers in the Castle Defense.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ceres Fear-stat to be correctly displayed in its upgrade screen and stat view.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound of the Facebook Canvas version to be broken in Chrome.


  • Fixed a bug about the Free Pro-Ticket timer being missing on some devices.


  • Fixed a bug about the Alliance Sigil on the Progress Overview menu card being missing on some devices.


  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the Hero’s Cape and Weapon to disappear when mounting a Guardian.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong arrow models to be used for the Mass Hysteria Pro-Boost.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Tower models to grow darker in color with increasing level.


  • Fixed a bug on Android that caused crashed when trying to share a Polaroid.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the amount of Tokens to be displayed on the “Use Token” menu card


  • Fixed a bug that broke the damage bonus display when massively stacking Blizzard Spellpower Perks


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Aki and Archimedes Winter Skin to be unequippable.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Conquest Orders that have been given before or during a war to no longer be cancellable during the war block.


  • Fixed a bug that crashed the game when tapping the black background of the Android account selector screen.


  • Fixed a bug that broke the health and damage calculation on Frosters’ menu card when unit boosting Items were equipped and a Boost was active.


  • Fixed a bug that showed a rounded down “Seconds per Pearl” value for the Blacksmith (2 decimal places are now displayed)


  • Fixed a bug about the G-5000’s Bulldoze attack, that caused the attack to initiate in the direction the Guardian was facing. Now the player’s directional input is used as measure.


  • Changed the priority behaviour of Unit Skins over Boost-Skins. A purchased unit skin will now overwrite a Boost-related Reskin in menus.


  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Blacksmith items to be “swallowed” if the connection was bad.


  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for Medal Tokens to affect festival battles.


  • Fixed a display bug that didn’t decrease the upgrade time of a defense wave when using an Upgrade Time Token


Known issues with this version:


  • The Stone Ninjas will currently show a wrong color scheme. This bug will be fixed in our next version.


  • The bomb/skull explosion VFX of the Bomb and Skull Tower are missing on all platforms in Battles (Android, iOS, Windows).


We want to hear your feedback! :slight_smile:


More information on the translate feature for maxed Alliances only (test feature):

Currently, the amount of messages for every player per day is limited to 30.

We are welcoming your feedback on the feature! :slight_smile:



Hi there,

I want to add one thing to the patch notes.

Due to technical (Windows Phone 8.1 sdk) and security (Facebook Canvas) restrictions it is unfortunately not possible to offer the copy paste function for these 2 platforms.

Thanks for your understanding.

Changes to the Conquest

Dear community,

Please excuse that the following information was not presented in time for the running Conquest.

Conquest: War Tile block changes

The standard amount of time to go away from the Tile is 60 minutes. Additionally, for every King/Queen that was on the Tile when the War was won, 20 extra minutes will be added. Now there is a max. time of 180 minutes in total.

(Changes in red)

Supreme Victory changes:

Multiplier now starts at 10 and goes down to ‘1’ in 16h instead of 10h

The example in this guide has been adjusted:

(Example: Time: Within the first hours of a war a ‘Time-multiplier’ is applied in order to ensure that the defending party has some time to react to an attack. The ‘Time-multiplier’ starts with x10 and slowly reduces over the course of 16 hours to x1. So in our above example, a party that would want to score a ‘Supreme Victory’ directly at the start of the war, would need to get 11.250 skulls *10 = 112.500 skulls. After 8 hours the ‘Time-multiplier’ has reduced to 50% (x4,5), so the skulls needed then would be 11.250 skulls *4,5 = 50.625 skulls. After 16 hours we are back to the original 11.250 skulls because the ‘Time-multiplier’ is x1 now.)