Version 5.0 Improvement and More.

This is something related to new features of Vrsn 5.0 and some ideas already that would make game surfing easy. I’ve listed them in points :

1.  Three layouts of defence should be able to have different beasts. Currently, lets say if u choose Primal Howl Beast then it stays in every layout. Well i guess different designs need different types of Beasts i guess. So please consider this point especially (Recommended)

2.  We now have many troops, spells & pals and u have to scroll all the way till End. So make Single Row  & Double Row  option for choosing them in offence, wave setup, etc. from their respective buildings seperately.

3.  _ Advisor   is a Human as like King not something like animal or wonder-creature. So why not She levels up like King by Gaining XP. I mean both can be done like whenever she is used in battle, she gains XP and also can be leveled up by pearls too. Like a mix of everything to reduce cost since Gaspar already takes much. ( Not neccesary but could be a better idea._)

4. ** Hans  pal is just doing blunt damage and fire damage. It doesn’t have any passive ability which is very less useful.Like bela also does blunt damage and have lifedrain and passive ability as zombify. So Hans special ability is Lava type fire damage and Lava solidifies and becomes Rock and also melt Metals. So why not few enemy gets Petrified**(with less chance than Janus so not to make it overpowered) and fewFear to enemy (from lava/fire as usual) and is also strong (not verymuch) againstBlockade . That would be useful.  ( **Not neccesary for now , just an idea)**

5.  Ok this is something that should be implemented to give fair chances to  Skins. Remove elite boost backgrond from troops stat screen in Troops Academy and lets just the boosts badges be there. The respective boosts background with troop should be seen when their respective badges are clicked.

6.  You should be able to test all defence layouts of friend. And also of Alliance member, if possible.(this is optional)

7.  Make Festival skins affordable. I mean u get really low coins to get lower cist skin. You can’t get both skins until you use gems to buy chest. Ok I get it that you don’t get both skins but atleast have that much coins so that u can choose between which skin to buy and could buy anyone of them.

8.  Make an  Active Inactive  Switch for Ninjas(both offence & defence) & Beast(defence)Pal(offence) for particular defence layout because when u r trying to test thing with certain troops or pals or spells or items in defence, you don’t want Ninjas or Beast to ruin it. So if you have won Ninjas in event, or unleashed the Beast then these switches should be there. (Recomemended)

9. Defence  now got a chance. All about offence is done.

We need a three choices for when will Beast will be spawned in battle. Like There should Early, Mid & Late Options for Beast to occur in defence. One more additional option is when Any Troop or King Steps on specified tile(by user) then the Beast will be coming. But there should be a limit of timing and tile that you could not set Beast time before or after that. 

Similar process can be done for Ninjas too to make them useful and defence better.

10.  Please lower the cost of Chests in voucher Bazaar. They should be atmost of between 700 - 1000 vouchers or could be lower. Afterall earning vouchers aren’t even very easy.


                             That’s all Folks  !


Anything that could be a idea you want or think should be improved in 5.0 to make this article and game better, please comment down below.

For me, 8 is also relevant. ninja interfere in testing troops / pal

One more thing of this current version that bugs me is that during conquest or war, the other players can attack you even if you are online and if you have chosen some other defence layouts of which you are beta testing and is yet not completed or any other reason, then the players would be attacking your weak defence.

I know its not that big issue, like we could avoid switching layouts during that time, but still its an issue and would be better if devs work on it.

Suggestion when I went to attack the enemy alliance tower I ended up fighting Tower Guard and no player what’s up with that? Somebody from my alliance was already there but even he was absent and my attack was counted like a Single player attack. What gives? That too could get checked out by your team. 

I think this idea is also we need for 5.0 and thanks to @AwesomestKnightest for this. Go check it now.


I think the pearl bonus is counted as Hans passive ability. It’s very useful too!

Yeah but not that useful. Even after upgrading it to level 7 you rarely get more than 50 or 100 pearls. You generally get less than 20 pearls.

I"m not happy with her for her passove ability.

I really liked the idea used here and so i would like it to present here in this section. Check it now.


This one is something has to be there, good idea. Check it now.


Thanks for the shout-out!