Version 5.3.0 & Server Update - Building Blocks

Greetings Olympians,

We have just release version 5.3.3, and performed a server update which means that you can no longer connect to the server with a version below 5.3.0.

Please note that on iOS and Windows, 5.3.2 is the latest version. 5.3.3 contains an Android only fix and is otherwise identical.

Version 5.3.0 changes the way Invocations work, so that it is possible to stockpile Invocations, and therefore to receive Invocations from sources other than instant Gem spending in battle. It is a further step towards implementing a change to the way the Island Map works, hopefully arriving early next year. This will include the ability to gain Invocations from islands, but it won’t be the only way to gain them.

Please leave feedback in the dedicated thread.

- Your Olympus Rising Team

Here is a full rundown of the changes included in the server update and version 5.3.3:

New Features

  • Invocations are now crafted in the Shrine. They can also be bought in bundles.
  • Free Invocations are now gained when a new one is unlocked.
  • It is now possible to resurrect in battle using Gems.


  • Significant performance improvements, allowing weaker devices to use improved graphics settings.
  • Updated the War Season matchmaking algorithm with multiple new seeds to make it harder to predict.
  • Reduced Odyssey difficulty.
  • Daily Chests no longer contain any Blessed Hero Items.
  • Increased the amount of health restored by GK Jason’s Golden Fleece and no Jason no longer uses the Power immediately.
  • GK Artemis now summons her stag immediately.
  • Some small Tutorial changes:
    • Added hint after building Guard that the player should ideally build more towers.
    • The player no longer has to build 3 towers and 2 barricades to unlock the Guardhouse.


  • Fixed that the resource Tutorial could appear whilst an info screen was open.
  • Fixed that the Hero was not shown on the celebration screen after buying that Hero.
  • Fixed an incorrect message when defeating another Alliance in a War.
  • Fixed some incorrect loading hints.
  • Fixed that the incorrect resistances could be shown for Hero Statues when viewing a defence.
  • Fixed that the game could crash when using the Tartarus Invocation.
  • New players (with low trophies) will no longer get their Heroes moved off their islands when being attacked.
  • Increased the possible number of simultaneous Items being Forged, in order to fix a disconnect when attempting to Forge.
  • Fixed that Heroes may disappear from the island map.
  • Fixed that opponents were not rotating.
  • Fixed that Heroes could be moved at the beginning of War.
  • Fixed a rare crash when accessing invalid memory, which became less rare with the performance improvements.