Version 5.3.4 - Fixes and Options

Greetings Olympians,

Version 5.3.4 is now being rolled out. Please be aware that it may take some time to appear in your country’s store.

The following fixes and changes are included in the version:

  • We have added a slider in the Options menu which allows you to override the benchmarked graphics settings. For many devices, reducing this setting will have a positive effect on performance and battery drain, at the expense of graphical quality. Note: this is not available on iOS, as the graphical settings there are handled differently.
  • Tweaked iOS graphical settings, specifically maximum frame rates, to reduce battery drain.
  • Fixed that Artemis’ Thunder Charge and Ajax’s Charge were not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed that iOS devices may freeze after a War battle.
  • Fixed that 0VP gained could be shown incorrectly after a War battle.
  • Fixed an issue with collecting Ambrosia in order to resurrect in battle.

- Your Olympus Rising Team