Version 5.4.0 - Hero Ascension and War Defences

Greetings Olympians,

We have just release version 5.4.0, here is a list of changes which are in this version, with more info below.

New Features

  • Added the Oracle of Delphi using which, pllayers can Ascend Heroes in exchange for Favor, giving them more potential and abilities, in exchange for giving up their current Power.
  • There is now a 4th Defense Slot, the War Slot:
    • This defense cannot be altered, other than by copying other Defenses into it.
    • This defense will always be used in Wars.


  • Added 3 new Decoration types.
  • Artemis and Ajax Hero Statues can now use all of their unique Powers in battle, other than Blood Feast and Poison Arrow.
  • Artemis Hero Statues can now summon up to 4 Stags, two at a time.
  • Gem Packages bought in the shop no longer reward Dominance, but instead reward Crystals and Alliance Crystals (which give Crystals to all members of your Alliance).


  • Fixed that muted music could become unmuted when returning to the game.
  • Improved stability.

The Oracle of Delphi

The Oracle of Delphi can be found by accessing the Hero Menu. Offering Crystals to the Oracle of Delphi will allow you to win her Favor for your Heroes. Favor can then be used to Level Up or Ascend your Heroes.

Crystals can be bought, found in chests, or donated by Alliance members who bought special bundles or in-app purchases. In the next version we will introduce even more ways to get the Crystals you need to Ascend your Heroes.

Ascending your Heroes will unlock more Unit or Power Slots, as well as boosting certain attributes, however, in exchange the Hero must give up their current strength and return to Level 1.

So while Ascended Heroes can be more powerful, it’s not a good idea to just Ascend all of your Heroes at once, or you will have to level them up again to return to (and exceed) their original power.

It’s also important to remember that your Level 20 Heroes are not getting any weaker, so if they are doing just fine right now, there is no need to rush to Ascend them immediately (or at all if you don’t wish to). Better to wait until you have a good stock of Favor to power them up again.

Finally, there is Transcendence. Reach the highest possible level with your fully Ascended Hero, and you will be able to use Favor to temporarily boost the Hero to be impossibly strong.

War Defenses

The other big change in version 5.4.0 is the introduction of War Defenses.

We have added a 4th Defense Slot, known as the War Defense. This Slot will always be used as your defence during Wars, but it cannot be manually modified, other than levelling up Defenses.

In order to change the defense, you will need to copy one of your other defences to it during the Preparation stage of the War. This can be done as many times as you wish.

We are hard at work on the next Version, and will bring you more news soon.

In the meantime, keep on crushing your enemies!

- Your Olympus Rising Team