Very active alliance recruiting!

Hey! My alliance, Mrclavet’s Myrmidons, is recruiting new members! We have reached the top 200 alliances when we were full but had too many inactive members in our opinion, so after a cleanup we are down to 18 and are actively recruiting! 

We ask for at least 20k-50k donation and a decent amount of trophies (members range from 2000 to 4000), but the MAIN things we are looking for are activity and solidarity. (so in theory we could accept lower than 2000 for very active members)

Activity: DAILY donation and DAILY fighting in the wars is required, also being active on the chat is appreciated but not mandatory.

Solidarity: Pretty simple, we have a strong core of members that won’t budge even if invited by another alliance because they believe in what we have. We want to build on that.

So if you are a very active player and want to join us, feel free to comment here or find us in game (Mrclavets Myrmidons) and we’ll consider your application!

As a general who has been with mrclavet for a long time i can truly say that this is a great alliance to join and to grow with. We are trying our best to make this a active and fun alliance for everyone, and we need new players who are interested in this!