Very Annoying & Insulting top alliances!

It’s getting very insulting for us like me as a general of top alliance Nuovalpeas, the reason is, why mostly going down top alliances like ! Hello World !, Immortal legends, Voltron Force etc. are very insulting ! they are inviting people from our alliance during war season!!! then mostly they kicking them if they knew they r not good ,


Inviting mechanics should be

-You can’t invite people which already has an alliance to avoid destruction of alliance, cause mostly one left will be continuosly leaving members because of notification from our mail…


“sorry for my bad english, but i hope some will understand me because of they experience too,”


What a silly complaint?It is a question of discipline in your alliance.Why do you need these soldiers?Which run in a strong alliance for the first invitation :lol:

Why are you defending the losers?And why the creators of the game have to protect them? By inhibiting an invitation from the alliance.If they scored obscure players from around the world - then why they are surprised that all run away, and there is no discipline?


The game has a lot of alliances that are not united any idea. Just a bunch or reach&strong (especially top10)And there is nothing keeps players. Not idea, not nation, nothing!Why anyone surprised that they flee into other alliances, which also take everybody ???



This would not be the first time I have stuck up for somebody speaking out. I maintain an improvement list (check it out here ( ). When people like you come along and shoot people down, their voice is not heard. There is legitimacy in everybody’s complaint regardless of how you judge their suggestions. We need these suggestions so Flaregames can make improvements. This improvement may not be what King Joelie wants but it will accommodate a problem (called alliance hopping). There needs to be accountability so people are forced into dedication instead of selfish ambitions.


I am not sure what is wrong buddy but you have a bad attitude.


I believe what King Joelie is trying to say is a top alliance will invite and kick the member when they join. Then this member cannot go back to its old alliance and help or any other alliance, for that matter, for 60 hours (or 2 1/2 days). This is a tactic (unworthy of integrity) that should not be available. Flaregames has not made this a cheat so it is fair game right now. But, still a very sheisty action.

Developers even don’t read this forum, and cannot solve the problem with ranged spells for ~40 days.


Do you think they will listen to your suggestions? hahaha :unsure:




Why they flee away and accept invitation? During war!!! To alliance on the same map???!!! Losers  :lol:


I have your concerns on the list :slight_smile:


The truth comes out. I will add this to the list for you buddy. I send my list at least once a week unless their is no new information.


But, grieving forum members because you are mad at Flaregames is not cool. They are restructuring and making changes. It just requires some patience. Hang in there. It will get better :slight_smile:


“TOP PRIOTY: Please fix Swordrain. This is killing our game play. [user: mss-73]”

Hi King Jolie,


Interactions between players and alliance appear fairly limited: Players donate, alliance collect cash, provide boosters and a gold bonus. With the introduction of alliance wars, the alliance system got a bit of a shot in the arm in the sense that alliances became less exchangeable. An alliance are now more then just a sum of donations and trophies.


For the longest time, my alliance was ranked just below the TOP10. Since growth was our objective, we had focused on donation as our recruiting criteria and we were fielding a mostly 500k crew. My crew was bombarded by invites daily. Loyalty in seasoned members was very high but a number of newcomers would get tempted by the lure of the TOP10. One alliance in particular lured over 10 of our players. Most of them got kicked after a few days. I felt sad for the players but ultimately it was their choice. Most alliances have a unique “culture”. Players should do their research before jumping to a new one and… that goes beyond just looking at the alliance leaderboard.


Building loyalty in an alliance is of extreme importance and the in-game tools we have to foster that loyalty are limited. 

I used them as much as I could and complemented them with others.


All alliances invite from other alliances. I do not think that will go away. It is good both for alliance and for players and offers both a measure of power and control over their destiny. The fact that players can leave/be invited forces alliances to take good care of them. 


Losing players is never cool especially during wartime. As a leader, I asked myself every single time, am I providing the best experience I can to my fellow alliance members. I chose to look at it as a signal that I needed to do better. That the problem was not with the inviting alliance, but with the fact that one of my players would rather leap into the unknown rather than stay with us.


I hope this helps provide some perspective to the discussion.


Best Regards,


Knight Gallant


Wow. That was said perfectly. I; however; do not invite from other alliances. I hit the trophy screen an only invite pure Blue shields (no alliance) and invite from the forums. This allows me to ensure I am not “taking” from another alliance.


Everything you said is dead-on, though. I do believe there needs to be many changes to the alliance infrastructure.

I try to target blue shields but will invite from other alliances as well. The thing is, you never have know what’s going on inside of another alliance. Things could be great, things could be “ok,” things could even be falling apart. You never know. But just in case things are falling apart and players are leaving, you want them to come to you first rather than somebody else. Inviting from other alliances isn’t so much of “We hate your alliance” as much as it is “Hey, you’re welcome with us if your current alliance doesn’t work out (:”

While our Alliance tries not to use deception. But still - it is NOT a game of honor.

(also because in the game there are real money)


All that is not associated with cheating (gems, gold, HP) - allowed! Betrayal, deception, invitations, transitions, espionage, drop players, drop trophies - is just part of the war. It’s war, kids!

restricting alliance from inviting player that already in an alliance is really a bad idea , if you guys can’t held on to your player , you cannot blame the alliance that send them the invites.Either blame your alliance or blame nobody , thats it.

You could have a rule that says, “If you are a member of this alliance, please turn off 'Accepts Invites.”

Yeah, the Accepts Invite button is false advertisement anyway. All the top players say they’ll accept invites, but then they keep rejecting mine! )=

Kinda of funny King Joelie ,

You didn’t seem to mind a couple of war seasons ago when your alliance and hello world stole a couple of my members. I thought it was a good thing . We cleaned house and made everyone turn of their invites. Now we know we have loyalty top to bottom. Sounds like a leadership and loyalty issue. Also very hypocritical to complain about something that has been practiced in your alliance. It’s all part of the game bruh.

This might really help out!


After reading this tread and Russian hunters going through and sending my whole alliance invites (after I posted this thread about pyrodude and mss73, see here,,) ). I am doing that same thing. I would rather have 5 good and loyal gamers than 30 mutes who follow the FEAR tactic.










Don’t you have quite a few Russian alliances you and others run. Would Russian hunters happen to be one of them???

Sorry,honestly i dont likely inviting players who has already with an alliances, must be someone generel in my alliance is doing it about the issue on first war season ago.