Very high number of daily attacks

I receive many daily attacks (and have reached more than 40 a day) I would like to know if that is normal? I have been suffering this problem for a while, and so it is impossible to move forward.
My name in the game is Accrosx

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Same thing I just wrote on the other post, attack more and make your GK/base stronger, that should diminish with time. If people see you’re an easy target, they’ll attack you

The more u attack the more u show up on other peoples maps. My old account is only for titan points. I dont play on it anymore and only get attacked once a week if at all. New acct is attacked at least 30 times a day. Maybe my observation is wrong but thats how it seems to me

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How many times do you attack with the account that you get attacked a lot?

I clear my map several times a day. Would be guessing when i say anywhere from 50 to 100 a day. Been laid off with nothing better to do

Then its normal, you get attacked if you attack. Thats why your other account doesn’t. Just keep it up, there are some choke points, but only with more attacks you can get pass those, and increase trophies.

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This works exactly opposite for me , if i don’t attack for whole day i get attacked several times and when i keep logging in after every 2-3 hours and keep attacking then i barely get any attack.

I attack 50-100times a day and get attacked 1-3 times a day. People see my defence and just say hell no.
You probably get attack a million times because everyone sees your defense and the only thought is “free AP gold”

You are in which alliance my frnd. And your ign pls

Rather not disclose that

Depends on level and trophies too…

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Some respect please!

You get attacked 1-3 times a day, it has nothing to do with “People see my defence and just say hell no.” You have rather high trophies which is the reason why you rarely appear on others’ map. @Shivaravi would destroy your base and GK eyes closed.

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I’m not saying he can’t, I’m just saying most people won’t try because it’s not worth it losing ambrosia, trophies and maybe gems. When I see more than 35k trophies, TL blessings and good TL alliance I’ll always really think through I’d I should attack.
I doubt people attack Shiva a shit ton

People that do a high number of attacks, can’t afford not to attack everyone on their map. These people probably have the resources to make strong heroes, and at certain point, it’s easy wins. The fact that there are a few easy AP heroes, also helps the number of attacks.

The people attacking a lot, are people that have time obviously. You can’t be attacking a lot, and not having a good offensive hero(s). You best be sure, that most attackers, attack anyone on their map, because if they don’t, they wont get new targets on their map too… what you are saying, will cause them to end up with 5-6 very hard bases (as you say avoid them), and then they will have to attack these anyway, as it takes several hours for an occupied island to change (unless you fail 3 times that base - then it changes)

Now if you are a lower level, low trophy, less frequent player, sure you may avoid him. But now think of all the players in the game, and how shiva and others are getting attacked. If he doesn’t get attacked by you, he will certainly be attacked by many many others.

Plus… +15 or even +12 trophies, is probably worth like 500-600 ambrosia MORE (including deaths), than any other combined raids. You also get to test your self, perhaps use some invos.

I mainly attack for gold, and I’d say I attack around 95% of bases that show up. I can only remember around 4 bases I didn’t attack in the last 2 days
A 80k trophy guy from cccp or nova(don’t rem)
And a ~55k trophy that was kinda out of my way so I didn’t bother trying
I got attacked 6 times in the last 2 days, won 2 of those and lost 3 with 90% or less. Only 1 100%.

I’ve been attacking at least 65 times a day, more like 85 since I’m gaining around 200trophies a day(you have to take into account the black screens that I have to restart game and lose 20+)
So I don’t know what’s going on with you guys, but I’m doing fine

Put that into perspective.

You attack 65 times a day, and avoid 2. How is it possible, that shiva wont be attack, if lets say 100 people pure out 6500 attacks around the same level/trophies. You might not attack 2-3 guys, but you are certainly attacking others. I can tell you for a fact, that any player over 10k trophies, or lets say 15k trophies, is 99% attacking those names you mentioned.

I am not denying the fact that you aren’t attacking strong bases, but the number of players in the game, you can’t be saying shiva isn’t getting attacked. I get players like shiva, on my map, like 3 times a day some times. And some of them, are awfully repeated during the week and month.

Besides, the system is designed to give you back the attacks, in a proportional way. If he isn’t getting attack by you, he will be placed on so many maps, until he gets attacked, the number of attacks “he should be getting”. That’s how the game works.


That’s a very interesting information! I also noticed that I’ve always been attacked in average 4-5 times per day.

I think CM has mentioned it somewhere. @dumpster do you remember that?

I get to see that on my mini account. If I don’t attack, I get 2-3 maybe 4-5 attacks a day. On main, its 0-2 max. That’s the difference of trophies.
If I do attack a lot on my mini, when I need resources, I get squashed. However, I don’t notice the trophy drop, because my defense is pretty high level compared to my ascension. When I attack a lot on my main, there is no major change, I just don’t get 0, I get 1-2… possibly 3 on some days.

My trophies on mini btw, are close to 8k I think, so half the players are actually around me. Level is also in the middle of the pack, low end. It’s 107. I think if I get to around 130, it will be all hell loose.

I don’t remember that specifically but it sounds familiar.

Well, I am not 100%, but it does make sense

It was more noticeable when we had the 20k cap, maybe it was discussed back then in general, when people complained about it. Over the 20k, you just got beefed up on so many maps, it pulled you down like 1000 trophies in 2-3 hours. It’s the same mechanism,

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