Very high pearl demand!

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Yes. You can farm pearls. By speed raiding low enemies while wearing luck gear. This is the most boring waste of an hour of my life I have ever experienced. No thank you for that…

Yes. You can melt gear. Ever since runes have come. I constantly melt gear now. The blacksmith gives pearls as if he was an old lady feeding pigeons cracker crumbs… No thank you for that…

Yes. You can spend thousands of dollars! Uh… wake up time…

So how about this: the blacksmith is still behaving the same, before runes and before guardians!
** uh no?!! He’s worse! 33% less?!! Really? What’s the goal exactly? Chase players off by making the game boring? **
There has been a massive increase for the demand of pearls! MASSIVE! and you weakened blacksmith…

Is it not time to increase the Blacksmith’s output to compensate? By 100 times over… seriously, add a couple 0’s! Literally millions of pearls can be consumed now. Between the old spell-tower-unit upgrade system (which pearls were in short supply then!). You have added 2 new systems which require even more pearls?!!

This game has become time consuming pearl quest. Which is also: VERY BORING.

I don’t have the kind of time, or desire, to play a game which forces me to be bored for hours on end to get measly scraps to upgrade with.

So… is there something I’m missing to get pearls? Or to the hackers go the spoils?


Hey you forgot: And on top of that you reduced the speed BS produces pearls…
I can only agree with this comment.


Let me add insult to injury here, cause I think the last change went unnoticed for you:

Blacksmith output was decreased by 33% when boosted.

Decreased. 33%.

We understand if you never ever return to reply.

Wow…just… wow… I edited. Thanks guys.

Lot of complaints in the game. I’ve been thinking about throwing in the towel now. Farming pearls is sickeningly boring.

Kind of immoral too. Trash as many weaklings as possible. Snore fest…

I even do the triple a thing… there’s just nothing fun about pearls! And yet they have become imperative for evolution.

Imperative and Boring have combined to define the game…

The main things you need to spent pearls are still towers/ spels/ troops

You doesnt need them fpr runesz
Runes as well doesnt need tor you rught now

You doesnt need it for quardians( mostly you need 5-6 level of wuardian only and as example i have all pf them but never ever played any quardian but donkey only)

I agree with opinion it was bad move to decrease pearls income
But use them smart and it will be enough for you

Flare, give us back x3 boost on blacksmith!

cr1: There is a phenomenon I have noticed here in the forums. I will tell it to you now:

Players (usually early game player) will voice a complaint here. And then late game players say, “you’re wrong”. For example: complaints about Phoebe. Early game players. And mid game players too! Come here and complain about their whole army getting wiped out. Blah blah blah. Then late game player posts video of them killing Phoebe in 2 seconds.

Right? Endgame player has a high forged heal ring. Has heavily forged troops! And gear… like you said. Endgame players have used pearls, exactly as you said…

So this phenomenon, the way I see it there are 3 different versions of the same game:

  1. Early Game 0-2000 trophyish
  2. Mid Game 2000-4000 trophyish
  3. End Game 4000+

This is not scale or law… people adjust their trophy scores. And the borders maybe… arguable… who cares. That’s beside the point…

I just dropped my trophy from 4400. I consider myself just beginning the endgame. I dropped to farm pearls…

What I, and others, have noticed is that all 3 game time periods: beginning, middle and end are like 3 different game!

Look here at some of these effects:

image image image

Now let me explain to you something about endgame if you don’t know: I have to change gear. Change troops. Change spells. Change guardians! And adjust for different defenses.

I don’t change pets much. Nemesis is a cure-all. But I’ll change for fun sometimes.

What I want you to understand is this: I have all ready seen wolf packs! I seriously don’t understand how that is possible… I (foolishly… stupidly…) purchased the rune pack and that has got me to level 3 rune (and drained my pearls!)

Some people already have level 6+?! The beginning players won’t feel this change. They play as you recommend. I’m not a beginner…

The end is feeling and seeing exploding barricade which have more health than blockades.

Meanwhile, I change my defenses too. Like everyone else at end game. My troops are pretty much max forged. But I still have some spells and towers to work on.
At endgame you will use about half the spell inventory adjusting attacks, I’m getting there…
And a very big [ENDLESS…] forge item for end game… GEAR!

The only players who have the pearls for guardians too… are millionaires

The only players who have pearls for runes too… are hackers

The demand for pearls is too high. And your suggestion is not adequate for endgame players

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I tried another option. Made a gimp defense with end strength. Deployed Han beast. And lower my trophy down to early mid game where players spend gems on raids :rofl: to try and farm pearls this way also:

Honestly. This feels criminal to me… predatory! In regards to both:

1: preying on the weak with my defense (which delivers pathetic pearl amount as you can see…)

But mostly…
2: preying on gamer’s addiction! There is medical science proving games have addictive qualities. Why would you increase pearl demand and reduce pearl output?.. you planning on selling pearl packs for $99?..

Senator Josh Hawley needs to hear from us! Reach out gamers! Research…


Yes! Sell everything for $, and give a s*it about old players whine.

The strong attack the weak by lowering trophies before. They are allowed to attack the forts and as you say, you get gems and pearls, then you raise the trophies again and that’s it. And the weak attack the strong to get money fast without losing trophies. LOL. It is as you say, the weak take advantage of the strong and the strong of the weak. Now, so that this did not become harassment of the same player, I proposed ideas that were NOT made more than one attack followed a warrior. That the game allows 3 attacks in a row, thus allowing harassment, I see that wrong. Too bad my idea was not approved. I harass those who once harassed me and becomes an extress. I laugh at them now and I don’t let them go, but I really don’t like to harass, I just have to do it to those who once were doing it to me.