Very Unhappy with the Pal Chest and Uber Chest rewards!

I’m very unhappy with the Pal and Uber Chest rewards.

I worked for about 2 years to get Aska, today after the first season of Conquests I got her in my Pal Chest. 

So suddenly you’re just giving her away for free and undermining all the work we put in.

Next the Golden Uber Chests, same thing, I worked for 4 years to create the armor I have now.  And I’m fairly certain you’re going to make it obsolete in 2 conquests!

The escalation is too much!

I strongly disagree with you, again. I missed this :wink:

The prizes are all a matter of luck, my 6 pals are some of the really easy ones to get. Also my Golden Ubers all had worse items than the ones I already have. Thus I didn’t escalate at all, I didn’t even grew a bit, I can turn back in time before the first conquest and the prizes were not worth the time at all, so I don’t see things going obsolete.

I think I didn’t understand that correctly. Are you unhappy because you got good rewards?!?!?!

So… You’re unhappy because you got good rewards? (in your point of view)

Which you expect everyone to take 4 years to farm?

There must be something wrong with you.

Oh and by the way, you earned Aska because you were lucky, since the probabilities haven’t changed.

I earned Aki and Archimedes, while others earned Tammys so same as usual here.

Please don’t talk about “escalation”, when after 8 days of hard work the pearls/gems earned are miserable to say the least.

Not to say they didn’t feed our vaults with a single gold coin, leaving the economy as broke as it was 2 weeks ago…

You are lucky to get Aska don’t complain about this. I need her to complete my collection. Need Nihdog,Aki and Aska and Bela. I hope tomorrow when Flare will fix the chest rewards I will receive one of those that I need to complete my collection. Nidhog hope so 

You complain about so many things and some of them, like that, have no sense.

Escalation is intended to get everyone excited. 

But long term it can just be disenfranchising. 

There was no “Escalation” at all.

Aska and Nidhogg also aren’t in my collection of the normal pals. I never found one and honestly I don’t care. Having said this, the only reason why we get pal chests now, is that they want much higher levels of beasts in defenses.

From point of view of defense I would say great, my defense is stronger, so harder to beat. And now realize what that means when being the raider. Defense has already got a major buff, do they want that defense really is going to be a nightmare and make even more players to fail? That’s their reason.

More players having difficulties means more players use gems for scrolls and resurrections. As defender that’s good to be on the receiving side, but as offender the fun is streaming away at rapid speed. There is no fun when we need to use scrolls to stand a slightest chance of victory against 90% of our raids. 

So from that point of view, I want to get rid of those pal chests. No need for stronger beasts, defenses will do that job.


Free aska? I bought mine from special offer, money spent. Now I feel I get fooled ?

I got 2 Tammys, 2 growls, 1 Kaiser, Archimedes and Howl. Envy me. ")

OH yeah, well I got 4 Tammy, 10 Arch, 1 Irm, 2 Aki, 1 Aska, 8 Howl, 2 Growl, 7 Bucky, 4 Kaiser, 1 Bela, 1 Fritz and a partridge and a pear tree.

See man…i   got the chests.but instead of 5.there were 2 rewards in golden ubers…though  igot over 1000 pearls from blqcksmith chests,it showed only 700…and from the pal chests i got 1 tammy one archimedes…3 grawl(WHO USES THAT PAL OR BEAST I DONT KNOW)AND 3 HAWL…why after 7 days of hustle and bustle we should get these CRAAAAAAAPY REWARDS…it ahould have a solution…

I want a pear tree too. Dammit, flare! :angry:

I kind of like the idea of all pets appearing in chests, makes us feel that we all have a chance to get the ones we want, and thus motivates us to keep trying.

Anyway, I m just REALLY happy with my Kaizer…with my sonic blast and his skill we rock the world (and a few towers) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree with Dena that primal beasts can be OP,  they can be REAL killjoys when they wipe out your units and your player in secs, but I dont think FG should nerf them or get rid of pal chests. 

FG should give to some existing units specific skills that can deal with primal beasts. 

I suggest FG to introduce HERO units that r normal units that r slightly different in appearance but have MUCH higher attributes and have special skills. For example, a hero unit knight could have a dash attack that causes big damage and Stuns (even primal beasts), or a hero necromancer who can hex/nerf units, buildings and primal beasts, similarly for the other units too.

I recommend the summoning of the hero units to be based strictly as a percentage of total summonings of this type of unit (ex. 1 in 10 knights u summon will be a HERO knight). In doing that, FG willl motivate players to select weak units that take little moral, because u can summon TONS and thus get MANY hero units. Of course FG could also introduce items that can increase the % of summoning.


I’m not sure what you are saying?

Primal Howl he’s pretty bad @ss, but how is the idea of nerfing Primal Howl even on the table when we have beasts like Celestial Phobe? 

Nerfing, in general, is a pretty bad thing, it feels like the developer takes things away from the player (even though it s for balancing reasons).

Even if celestial phoebe is OP I still think FG shouldnt nerf it but instead use it to introduce units that can give u an edge in dealing with primal beasts or other OP situations …therefore I mentioned the hero units, which can cast spells and skills that can affect even primal beasts.

I got this idea from an old game where u train human units to raid but they can be easily destroyed by mythical monsters, and then u can call heroes or turn normal units to heroes that can easily beat monsters.

May be you are talking about age pf Mythology…It was a good game…

In case of nerfing phoebe, I dont think nerfing should be an option…It is a pro beast…some difficulties should be there to beat it…as for example i can beat it almost every time…And as for balancing, I think there was no need to BALANCE(so called) which has already taken place…I still think everything was balanced…and if it’s not m nerfing shouldnot be an option.

May be you got it sir…but i didnt get anything but tammy howl and growl and archimedes…i dont have aska or nidhogg…i had ceres and its useless now…so, may be its worth something…

Yes that was the game I was refering, I just didnt want to mention the name because it was of a different game company

U r very lucky Drago, u ll get Nidhogg on the new event that started yesterday :slight_smile:

By the way, which pet is better kaizer or nidhogg? I LOVE bm but sb is a REAL problem solver

Did anyone like the hero units idea I mentioned???