Veteran Scouts Alliance in Conquest

I don’t care about Pro chest or Royal Guardian Chest or whatever. I want Pearls and Voucher Chests. So I looking for a alliance who still in Veteran Scouts for again like 10 Conquest. Thanks

My invitation will be open. So everyone who are in Veteran Scouts send me a invitation. Thanks

My invitation is open. So everyone who are in Veteran Scouts or lower in Conquest. Send me a invitation

PS : I prefer to advice you in advance. If you shield me during War Season without my permission. Make sure I will leave. My previous did it without ask me and they make me lose 300-600 gems. Sorry its possible I will lose a huge amounts of skulls but I gain huge amount of gems. So

You don’t seem to understand that War is a team event and that decisions are made in the best interests of the team not the selfish individual


I know i have understand. you don’t have to explain to me. I only looking for voucher chests and nothing else. At the moment the alliance up and are no more in tier who offer me voucher then I leave. Sorry if for you or others look for more valuable chests and more like Pro chests or don’t care of rewards. I only look for voucher chests.

So now my invitation is open again and send me request only if you are in the green tier not blue or higher. Thanks.

PS : the day Flare will allow us to gain more vouchers in a another way. i will stop jump alliance to alliance but for now its sad Conquest low tier its the only way to obtain them. 

About the War Season sorry if someone stop me to gain 600-700 gems in 2 or 3 waves when there is a ton of gems spender like my previous alliance in the last War Season. Sorry no one will force me to accept this selfish act without my permission. You want to shield me sorry i leave. I am a free player and gems are the more valuable in the game. until all my stuffs are maxed. I need gems. If you don’t like what I do I don’t care. Gems its my only goal in War and nothing else until my alliance tower and blacksmith slots are maxed


You are welcome to apply at Kreator, we have been veteran scouts for a LONG time and never use shields (shields don’t make sense in most cases).  I understand your shield theory also…I feel the same way. lol



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