victim of constant attacks.

You don’t say.

It’s his right. I think you just become easy prey for him.

Try to focus at increasing base defend, raising Trophies shouldn’t option when you still weak.

I’m afraid he’s… unstoppable. There’s nothing more that we can do except from praying… :unsure:

Lol … Didn’t know that we had a preacher in our midst…all hail Evelthon…by the way do you do confessions ???


lol! not yet, but I’m seriously thinking about it since my current job is not giving me enough money to afford luxuries such as been competitive on RR2


Post a screenshot of your/their bases - this would give us information necessary to see what’s going on…

I have the same problem. although I wouldn’t call it a problem really cause I have him on my favorites list and give it right back. FUN FUN FUN!!

The thing is I wouldn’t mind attacking him/her but his base is pretty tough and if I lose ill be stripped off a lot of medals…


The truth is it will get worse as you climb the ranks, but always keep in mind that it is just a game, don’t take it too seriously and certainly don’t take it personally. Sarcasm aside, the advice from the posts above is sensible, upgrade your base. Altough, while that would protect you against this particular player, there will be others tom farm you. As I said, just a game, nothing to do. I remember the days before the 3 attack limit, you should have seen that!

And btw, climbing up the ladder is a natural process related to your king level and your base strength. Just be patient, upgrade and it will happen.

Now why does it really matter to lose trophies?

I am rather new n will really love to know.

The only thing i can think of is the 40 gems when u get 1400trop quest which is easily compensated by so many other quests giving free gems…

Upgrade, get stronger, and make him pay 😈

I have been the victim of bully attacts too. One person I got rid of by going after them, BUT when the person is stronger then you or they are using your kingdom to weaken them selves so they can later go against even weaker players then them selves in order to win in the tournaments …well then you are up a creek.

Suggestion to flairgames- what if… After you have been attacked say five times in a row by the same player the victim of the bully could call a 'DEFENDER" who would then go after that player the same amount of times in a row that the victim was attacked. It could be automated into the game. I would think it would completely kill bully behavior.

In general these attacks are not a case of bullying, your opponent is seeing something in your base that makes it more attractive than to him/her at this time than many others. It may be because you are showing a lot of gold or offer high trophy/medals to them. You shouldn’t take this as personal and in time I am sure you will do the same to others. If you can see an easy to beat kingdom that offers you 200k gold every time, as opposed to a hard to beat one that offers you 100k what would you do? Normally these attacks wane after a period of time, either because you get stronger and less easy to beat, your opponent gets stronger and the algorithm lets them take less gold/trophies/loot from you or another account becomes more attractive to them.  I wouldn’t worry about it, try to strengthen your defence, level up your king, eventually you will become hard work for them. Maybe at this point you may even be strong enough to do the same back to them.

If you can’t stop him then call Chuck Norris.

call the equalizer!!!