At first,you took Phalanx Wall and Chaos Gate from the most alliances out there.

99% players will never have the chance to try 3 new war blessings.

Now,there are too many alliances with Gigas Trebuchet activated and prolonged blessing and soon more teams will have them,too.

Is it intented to constantly punish all players outside of the Titan league?

I constantly suffer from attacks of privileged players who harvest/grind trophies ,they destroy everything from a safe distance with their Gigas Trebuchets!

Please don’t wait,give to all teams in Titan league this blessing now.We are waiting them to take all our trophies,as they took all blessings away.We only exist for them!

I’d be cool with that. 

But seriously, it’s only RS who has trebuchets who shouldn’t, right? Is there another team you see who shouldn’t have them?

You also forgot the siren 2nd blessing that causes fire damage, and the bionic warrior…but the problem goes down the leagues also, I think it’s worse when an alliance has chaos gate in the 2nd league, especially now the gates are made of titanium…


You’re right,I totally forgot about Siren 2nd blessing and how it can be useful.For warriors,too.

At the end of the current season,their favourite team will get Gigas Trebuchets forever as we heard that some teams helped and pushed them to the victory.

It is so unfair to fight against those teams in the same league,they will have huge advantage.

It seems alliances will do anything for those Gigas trebs, still we’re only half way through the season, and where they have friends and allies you can be sure they have their enemies also.

when I proposed to give gate of chaos based on the result of the war and not on the basis of the league you replied that then it was not fair that there were wars with some disadvantaged alliances (I do not remember the exact words but the meaning was this) but now you say that since it is only an alliance (friend) to have advantages there is no problem

P.S also the seal (another very old alliance) have the blessings of the titan league and do not deserve it


You can read my quotes from the last thread about this if you want, but I’ll summarize again: I believe Madlen and Captain Morgan when they say that this bug has been “solved”, i.e. it will not occur any more. This is good and I’m glad they acted pretty quickly (considering that everything takes a while here). While the bug may be “solved”, it has not be “resolved”, and if you believe them (and I do), this will happen when all of the current blessings expire.

This part is not very satisfactory for a lot of reasons. I have, and continue to request as strongly as I know possible, that the player base gets periodic updates on the resolution of this bug until it is fully resolved. If this isn’t done, it leads players to distrust the dev team, as we’ve seen in this thread and other threads. It makes players wonder if the original bug has actually been solved or not, which I think we’ve seen in this thread, which is why I asked @HeliosSRB if he thinks another alliance has trebuchets when they shouldn’t. It leads players to rant and rave about other players, which we’ve seen in this thread. In short, it promotes toxic posting.

@Madlen, I think updating players on the specifics of the resolution of this bug is one of the most important things you can do for the OR community right now. I hope you agree. We’ve essentially been told “It will be fixed when it’s fixed”, which is not really a helpful answer anymore.

I can’t recall who got demoted from TL last season, but it seems whoever it was doesn’t have the chaos gate blessing, which leads me to believe that the issue has been partially fixed as the devs  advised, but those that had initially extended the blessings such as SEAL in the case of the chaos gate, and RS for example in the case of the top 3 TL prizes appear to have escaped the ‘fix’ so they may have these forever, as they seem to be able to extend indefinetly, only they and the devs can answer that.  Seal will probably return to TL anyway and RS will prob win TL at some point soon anyway, maybe then things will normalise in those alliances.


I agree with this and I perfectly understand the frustration behind this. I will do what I can to get you your answers but I cannot promise that I will have a better answer soon, but I will once more red-flag this with the devs.

There and here will always be toxic posting until devs fix unfair war blessings distribution and help the victims of Gigas Trebuchets terror.

Well, there’s other solutions to that problem too. 

exactly the advantages given by undeserved blessings will bring these alliance to regain the lost blessings and then they will tell us “stop complaining because we have won these blessings … look at the rankings”

how is it possible that in this game there is never and I say never been a “bug” that has favored the non-elite players ???

Indeed,but which one will be implemented first? ?

There are or were alliances demoted to league of Demi-gods and league of kings who kept the blessings from the higher league. I think those are all pretty good players, but I’m not sure if they meet your exacting definition of “elite”. 

Seal, one of most ancient alliances 

That’s an alliance who was demoted from Titan league to God’s League. I’m talking about teams demoted from God’s League to Demi-Gods and from Demi-Gods to League of Kings. Yes, that happened too.

For example: Deutschlander, in League of Demi-Gods, has phalanx barricades.

so it is a bug that causes many problems to many alliances in many leagues, one more reason to solve it quickly, but it is now 55 days more or less that seal has the gate of chaos without deserving it … I hope the next bug is a bug that assigns the Titan League blessings to ALL alliances of ALL leagues


I hope the next bug gives you a lovely panettone for christmas!  @SantaClaws are you listening?

? thank you……you know italian food for Christmas