Have not won a single victory for over a week. All heroes now are at base. Game implies fun. This is just frustrating. 

Ascension level 48

Heroes level 8-14


Probably you are doing something wrong… Can you record a video…?

This is a silly question but you have levelled your units and spells?

Even better question. How many medals u got.  I would assume those with low levels and 2 8k up medals won’t win much 

I got to level 48 without too much trouble. There was an increase in difficulty at certain points, but overcame them by testing my defences and looking at those results. Units are on the low side but spells are decent, and an ongoing process.

it sounds like it’s just me and everyone else is winning a lot. So I guess I will go back to the drawing board with defence testing etc.


No, you are not the only one. Trust me.

Hey I experienced exactly the same thing when I was closing in on 50. But I kinda rush leveled without realizing that my spells and units were far behind. Now I’m 65 and still hanging far behind but upgraded the units I use.

It took me a few levels to recover from this :confused: I had to just raid people I knew I would fail on to get gold I needed to upgrade my offense 

yeah, right, focusing on attack units rather than spreading resources thinly in multiple directions around the early 40’s.