Video Ads always No Offer

Why is it so hard just to get 1 (ONE) video ads boost today?
I don’t do any raid except 1: ninja last island.
Today NO single video boost used. Then now I’m trying to boost my Blacksmith for melting items.
Tried 100s times, all NO OFFER!
Tried clearing cache, NO FIX!
Something wrong with your server again?

It’s been like that for a good while for me too. They come and go every few months without any input or intervention on my part so it’s something outside of my device.

I think I reported the same issue a month ago, no response and no fix…


Same thing happens to me all the time, it s very commom that the game crashes too. This bug never happend with OR or any other game I ever played.

…sometimes I even consider unistalling RR because of this