Video ads and Windows

Hi there
I keep having the problem with Windows that the video ads are not working. Support told me to watch the video ads on a different platform. For me, this is not an acceptable solution. The video ad system should be redesigned urgently.

It never worked here and doubt it will be
So its pay for play in Windows

Its mobile game, not PC one

You can try to reset the video folder on PC, has mixed success. Info is on the wiki under production boost. Pretty much anytime something updates on PC you can expect some sort of issue in game lol.

until December 1, the video worked on the PC, since then disappeared

Mine works fine

CR1 pls dont say silly things…
when not working on android its because its not apple?
and not working on apple its cause its not android?

dont bother replying … its just silly to make crapolla up in your head.

So sweet:))

You cant talk without such words? Master of communications?):rofl::rofl::rofl:

To play ij windows is always a pain;) so if you dont know it and still think playing PC you can have and do all what android/ apple users have- its not me silly, you need to geow up:)

The videos are working again today. However, I wonder how long.

The initial question was definitely not which platform we like to play on :wink:

Where was nothing against which platform good or not:)
Idea was to say Win platform us usual shitty one for mobile game and ad problem is always here

Better to use another one for this goal
Same as for subs🤣

CR1 as I said no need to reply, you only like the sound of your own voice which is why so many people here find you painfully narcissistic.

:rofl::rofl: let me decide if i need to reply or not;)

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