Video Ads

Videos in windows 10 suddenly stopped working , i tried deleting vunglesdk folder, It didnt work this time, Before it used to work.

Today i tried it many times,didnt work.

Even reinstalled the game 2 times,still the same.i’m unable to boost my blacksmith,most imp right now.

any one else having this issue.

@GalaMorgane , @FTB , @flaretara , @Archimedes

The video ads can only work when some customer of Vungle had bought a video ad campaign in/for your region. If no ad campaign is available in your region, boosts from video ads are not available.

Furthermore, only a limited number of ads per day is delivered to a single device. Once this limit is exceeded on your device, you can only wait until the next day.

Deleting the VungleSDK folder will help only in the case if one of their ads was broken and killed the local cache of the video ad system. AFAIK, currently there is no such ad in the loop.

FG is just using Vungle ( as alternate payment method. When Vungle does not provide payment, because there is no ad to deliver, I’m afraid FG cannot help you.

you could try putting a support tick… no just kidding they probably can’t help.
As thomas mentioned if there are no video’s available / you have watched all available ones you wont get any more no matter what you do.

But if you want the boost enough… you can use gems to boost

Or get an old android phone / install android emulator, link your game and boost through that.