Video bug has been fixed

I can watch videos back to back now, without timer.

Update: looks like it was temporary… The timer is back again:

But I was able to get a chest and boosted 3 Taverns for gold.

What might be causing this bug ??  It’s obviously connected to tavern. I was able to watch video when one of my tavern got upgraded to lvl 13. But it came back after a few minutes. Relogging didn’t change the fact that I was still able to watch videos. Hope it helps to devs.

Flare is the cause.

I stil have the timer of 6 hrs on android

I never had the 6 hour cool down problem with ads (android user). I could watch back to back for every boost and upgrade and never have problems. Then this morning all of a sudden normal routine wake up start watching video to get my free chest, then start tavern boosts then bam after 2nd tavern 6hr ad cool down. It kind of cripples anyone’s ability to play effectively.

It’s not flare, it’s just a bug that they’re trying to fix. I don’t have a timer on any videos. Flare has said multiple times that it was a mistake and that they’re trying to fix it, so let’s let them do just that

Flare changed the working code for ads. May be its unintentional but it is their fault and i am still getting 6h cooldown 

It was Flare’s mistake so I correctly said that Flare is the reason… who else? and it is good that they are trying to sort out the problem.

Because, bugs came from the adjoining field which has grasses as tall as 6 to 10 feet, so one cannot n really see how bug came and whose fault it is ?‍♂️

I have this problem too. Can boost just one single item on my map, and that’s it. Then this dumb 6 hour cooldown timer kicks in. Flare really is making a LOT of mistakes lately. 

Had it since theupdate, went a few days ago but now is back again, in the middle of the festival. This time game froze while loading a video, I had to close and reopen the game and there the cool down bug was again. Flare if you cant fix it can you at least offer s9me copensation?


I have 4 days in a row with the problem. I’m losing tons of gold. please solve it

Bug went a few days but is back again. More and more frustrating. Any hope for a solution flare?

Hi guys, we are very sorry for this technical issue. In order to stay up to date about it, please check the official announcments.

Thank you!



When update for video?

Madlen said, hopefully next week it will come out in a Server Update

Hello People, does anyone know when the cooldown for ads will be FIXED im really nostalgic of the days i could boost all my farms and taverns and enjoy the game 20 times more i hope they are working on it right now and if anyone has the BUG FIXED or know the exact realese date please reply to this :heavy_check_mark::heart:

Madlen said that the ad cooldown should be fixed sometime later this week! Hopefully that comes to pass

wow im hyped thanks

Here’s the announcement where you can find the update flare gave us


It was a mistake from Flare, therefore, flare is the cause no one else…