Video chest reward

Over the past few weeks, I have been experiencing a no-video - stuck on loading map screen, for video rewards. Needless to say, there is no reward either. This is probably one sort of video, one single advertisement, because I am getting normally all the rest of the chests and see all the rest videos. Everything has been running smooth for months/years. The lost chests are very rare, but in this case, it seems it wont load at all. My connection is just fine, everything else works, I just have to close the game and reboot, because it gets stuck.

Kudos for making this part working so well… in the very beginning, there were a lot of problems!

This has always happened for me. Only half the video chests get past the loading screen. 

iPad? Which is the same for me, but I don’t update my ios, because it runs smoothly (I hate risking it). Old and new ipad, I got around 95% of chests, for more than a year. But lately, I keep losing a few.