Video Games in Your Blood?

do you remember the first game you ever played?


how did it make you feel? did it shape you in any way?


i was introduced to the pc at a very young age. i can remember acing the magic school bus space game

i was hooked right then and there


next my brother, my sister and I got a N64 one Christmas. from here i feel like my life was shaped. being 3 years younger than my brother and 4 than my sister, i would always be struggling in sibling competitions solely from the age disadvantage. that was until split screen gaming. i was unbeatable in diddy kong racing, they refused to play me in 007 goldeneye, they were astonished by my progress in banjo and kazooie. they were beat on all fronts. video games was where i had them


then after going to school and being able to compete against my classmates and friends was a whole new world. i defined my skills across all genre’s and had the time of my life doing so

i can remember playing the RTS PC game “Seven Kingdoms” to help learn to read


i feel like all of this background in my youth is what gives me such a strong connection with games today


my brother taught me how to play warcraft when i was 4 it was rather awesome! i sucked but it was awesome building and commanding your own army :wink:


ive been a pc rts player since then tho i play just about everything. tho ill always remember sitting on my brothers knee to play because i was to short to reach the key board and mouse on my own :wink:

My very first computer game was some sort of Curious George game. I forget the gameplay, as it was sooo long ago (14 years ago)… It only ran on Windows 95 and Windows 98… and I _still _have that game; but I can’t play it anymore…


From then on I have played a wide range of computer games, including: hearts, spider, pinball, tetris, paintball (or inkball? I forget what it is called), most of the Lego video games, World of Goo, Temple Run, RR1, RR2, …


I was the second youngest of five in my family, and I was the second best at computer games in my family. My oldest brother was _waaaaay _better than the rest of us (and still is); although I have been (and still am) the best at wii & gameboy. We are about equal in mobile gaming… Every week or two I come up with a new record over his; a week or two after that, he always beats mine… I think we’re about equal in mobile games. . 

When I touched my first computer, probably the most of you wasn’t born yet!!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Among the first notable games I remember were Captain Sabertooth, Sven Bomwollen and The adventure world of numbers…


But all of those were forgotten when I hit The Settlers 3 and 4… :wub:

At a similar time I also discovered the Gothic and the Stronghold series. :wub:


In fact, Settlers 4 and the early Stronghold parts still are very appealing to me :slight_smile:

I didn’t come very far with video games like you guys, I went from a gameboy playing Pokemon to playing pacman on a PC to a ds playing digimon, then to a Wii playing skylanders

honestly when Warcraft 3 first came out. the 3d graphics were so mind blowing. and upgrading WC2’s map editor into a complete “World Editor”… such a staple for PC games today

I actually spent a good portion of my spare time throughout highschool creating my own WC3 custom game. its still available on the internet for download 


@ killemOG

whats your favourite RTS today?

@ atlas

what pokemon did u start with??


I remember the original Gameboy when it didn’t have color

but I put most of my time into pokemon when it got better. I have a GBA pokemon emerald with over 300 hours played. I have 2 GBA SPs and a transfer cable :stuck_out_tongue:

I played pokemon leafgreen

that would be a really awesome start, getting to see the original starters but in way better graphics :stuck_out_tongue: