Video Guides

Hey peps,

I started working on a few videos, especially to give a quick overview of some game mechanics, then get into more specific details later on.

Just finished uploading one to give an overview of the current Units in the game:


For some of the defensive buildings, Towers + Barricade:


  • one for the Powers:


Very professional editing!

Alliances Wars


Divine & War Blessings


Buildings & Tips


Offense and Defense mode


Defense Layout - Common Mistakes


The Odyssey



Thanks @Skorpio for the vid.

I would like to take the occasion to dedicate the Pheme Power to Alysea, the most famous person on planet OR. Gone but not forgotten.

How to - Link an account to another device


Very nice, but can you do video guides about Chronos, tartarus, and Artemis powers (Thunder Charge, Piercing Venom, Blazing Slash, Hail Storm) ?

All videos I see several times, and very help me.



Here’s the one for Artemis: