Video offers not working


no video offers working. Not for free extra chest, not for free boost for tavern/farms, not to speed up the upgrades, not to get food for one battle. It will show me the video but I don’t get the reward. iPad Air 2, 10.0.2     Running v. 2.6.8 of the game, no updates available.


ign queen bethy

Here I am using android and also the same problem. Videos are not working anymore!!! 

same here android user video offers not working


Same problem for me. I play another game also ( Dominathion ) same problem. Watch videos no rewards.

me too same problem

windows users had this problem for a long time,but now its on android and ios also.



it’s the same for me android…

Thanks for help us :slight_smile:

It’s the same problem for me on iOS 9.3.5

They’re working fine on windows 10 at the moment so i suggest using / downloading the windows 10 client for now.


Bei mir auch funktioniert die Filme nicht!

Die werden angezeigt aber es gibt keine belohnung dafur und kein boost für schmied u.s.w.


Same Problem Here. All my Alliance Members dont get the reward After Watching Videos.

Cannot boost taverns and farms. Cannot get free chests even after watching commercials many times. What is happening?

same here. 

The issue is known and the team is aware of it, not much which can be done so far as it is up to the video providers.

Currently working with them to see if it can be solved asap…

In the meantime can you shut off the video rewards and just have a button to click okie and then give us the rewards? Thanks.

Add: also LAGs during war, painstakingly slow. During war season  I really hate this game.

yeah, give us the boosts for free! so annoying, watched around 10 videos without any rewards!!!

Still a problem for me, can someone else please confirm? Thanks

@Alysea You dropped a message that it should’ve been fixed by yesterday. Still no boosts activated or free daily chests after watching the vids. Do the issues still persist or did they came back?? I play on an iOS device.

Please fix this asap. Thanks!

Hi Team Support,

It was raised to me by one of my members and i also noticed it that afer watching the video, the rewards that you should received was not reflecting or being added. 

Hoping for a faster response.

Thanks again,

King Khamotey!!