Video uploading

Trying to upload a video for killing Hades but is impossible to do it due max file size, 4.88mb. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated 


@Mavros666 you are not meant to upload the video directly on forums. Instead, you should use a cloud storage, such as google drive or youtube and provide a link to your video hosted in one of the afformentioned places.

I’m trying to do the same.  My video came out to just over 90MB.  Trying Google Drive now.

EDIT: I have finished uploading my video to Google Drive. It says anyone with the link can view and gave me a URL to the video, so it looks like it will work. When I put the link in a browser it says “We are currently processing this video. Please check back later.” so I can’t guarantee success yet, but it looks promising. I’ll update again when the processing completes

ADDITIONAL EDIT: The video plays correctly with the link now that processing has finished.  Pasting the link in the challenge thread now.

@GalaMorgane @flaretara

I think the forum is currently installed with IPS 4.2.

Any chance to upgrade it to 4.3 in the future?

The new version does support embedded uploaded videos without the need of third-party service (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion…).

More details:


Mine does not play in google chrome but plays in Internet Explorer. :wink:

As long as the devs watch all our videos (regardless of how they do it), then all good for us. :slight_smile:


@Sharknado its not just about Hades forum contest. If we can have this version 4.3. That’s gonna be a life saver for many of us on the forum. How many time you want to show a video about something but cannot because you don’t have a youtube channel,dailymotion or else.Many of time I don’t want to waste my data just to upload a video on my Youtube just to able to give a link on forum about a bugs. If we can have this 4.3 version on the forum. Show bugs or a video for a suggestion will be better to understand for developer. Screenshot are ok but video are far better

a little exemple :

I use screenshot but If I will be able to use video upload just with a simple click like with screenshot. A lots of topic will be made with video to show better stuffs

So I hope version IPS 4.3 will arrive soon on this forum. To allow us to do a better job to help players