We no longer talk about the videos. Flaregames' behavior is unbecoming. The lack of video determines a serious discrepancy with those who have them. And, you do not do anything. Thank you, really thank you.

I thought it was a song.

Hello there,

We made a public announcement in regards to Windows video ads. It won’t be fixed until 4.0 which is planned to come out end of July.

I know this is not the idea answer and not what you would want and I understand the frustration and I’m deeply sorry about that.

However, once 4.0 will go live, a fix is implemented to counter this issue.

Many thanks,


Let me guess… Developers have made already an enormous amount of changes inside the code on the main branch (new release) and to isolate the fix only and bring out a new release is hard. 

Let me open a world for the non developers amongst us. To tackle/handle exactly such situations most companies use version control systems. We can go back to any point in time, make a separate branch on exactly any moment we like (read: code changes back to the situation it was on that moment). Make the fix on that isolated separate branch that represents the latest released Windows version, problem solved.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  well… In fact it’s indeed that simple. Making such a branch takes less than a minute, hardest part is to lookup exactly on which version number the branch must be made. The code containing the Vungle section wasn’t altered. It is now, but for the rest it will likely be the same code in both main as new branch. To make same change in the isolated branch is just a copy-paste action, followed by recompiling plus deploy and it should be fixed. 

I can only conclude that @cr1 is right and I was completely wrong, accept my apologies. Windows users aren’t important at all. We have to wait till end of July. 

Least thing flare could do, is to admit it’s not Vungle to blame. If Vungle was the one to blame, we didn’t need a new release to fix it, it would already have been resolved. Since we know the videos in Europe for Windows users work, but give still no reward…


Yes, I will. It’s no use to get upset. Like I said, you were right. 

European Windows User only.  I’m feel special because it’s working here. They do care about ME !

Jokes aside, a quick update would indeed be an easy and logic solution. That decision to wait for 4.0 is just plain dumb.

NOOOO!! That’s impossible!!!

Not in the world of flare. They show that they don’t care for a certain group of players, by not making a new release for a simple fix. Players affected just need to bleed and wait for 6+ weeks, flare doesn’t care.

That’s the second time in one thread someone said that cr1 was right … we are doomed 

I will assume I imagined it and that it never actually happened.

At us in an alliance, only at me Windows 10 and only at me, video does not work, same not fair!