I can not watch the video to get the chests and reduce the upgrade time, the video is limited to 6h for a view, why?

I’m getting that too, just need to know if it’s a bug or not really… 

I did not notice the FG

Used 1 video for a farm. Now all videos are at 6hrs. So no free chest for me today. Why even offer them what crappola

I am waiting for FG to give an explanation

Yes, it’s almost weekend in Germany and usually that’s when most/any communication stops.

Would be nice to know if it is normal we only get 1 video every 6 hours?

I hope this is just a FG incident, not a 1 / 6h notification

@Pete @PaSte @Lisa

Please add this to the list of bugs from 4.0.  There was a change to the video rewards system and this is the unintended consequence for some players.





This is what I receive from  Flargames about videos cooldown:

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Andrik Arredondo (Flaregames)

Aug 3, 8:56 PM CEST

Thank you for your response.

The issue seems to occur when users access the game and view videos from devices with a different operating system. Our team is working on this issue but at the moment we would suggest avoiding watching the videos on devices running different OS.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Flaregames Support Staff.


And I want to object: this is not possible because on win 10 I watching the last video more than 1 month ago. I always play and watch videos on phone(android). Problem starting after last RR2 update.


What different OS? Different than what? Only on Windows?

And again numerous posts about it in different topics but no reaction anywhere.

Yesterday claiming it’s not their fault (but the video provider) and all is behaving normally, today no communication about it except to you @Navris personally then. Typical…

This is such a joke…

Since 4.0 I always had the 6 hours cool down bug.

Know what I tried today guys?

Connected myself with a VPN to Los Angeles… And know what?

I was able to get 1 free chest, 4 tavern boosts and 4 farm boosts!!!

I had my loudest laugh in months…

Why? Because they claimed the issue was solved…


To sum up: This is still a GDPR issue and just as I suspected, only (or mostly) EU citizens are the affected ones…

AGAIN!!!  :angry:

Nope. in the US here and currently affected.  Wasn’t affected initially for the first 2 days post update then it started on day 3 and been that way since.

I think since you’re having this problem and are in the East Coast, then it must be only a problem there. I’m in the East Coast as well and ads have this problem on my bro’s account. Since there are players from the US saying they don’t have this problem and some that have, I think this must be just an East Coast problem, as me, Keith, and many others that I know that live on the East Coast have this problem, haven’t seen someone have this problem and say they’re from the West

Don’t know if its so much a location issue for the user, because I never ever had an issue with Ads until after 4.0 came out.  If the Ad didn’t boost previously, just run another video. If I ran out of videos, wait an hour or just switch between my iPad/iPhone and run an ad from that device.

Why don’t they take a look at where our accounts are housed on the back end instead of concentrating on what region or country the player is in?

Something is causing that timer of 5h 59m to appear on the button.

Or better yet, an even more simple fix, remove the so called verification process that checks for 6 hrs. Or shorten it to 1 minute or 5 minutes.  Change that verification timer and at least those suffering from this issue would at least have a shorter waiting period.  Do something instead of telling us to be patient, waiting 5h 59m between videos is being patient enough,.


Some players still argue that the ads problem is region wise well its not. 

The problems start arising only after the update. Its not like the video providers changed the code of the game

The devs at flare implemented the new ads systems which failed drastically. 

Agree—I’m in the West and I have the EXACT same issue as you all are reporting—how do we get FG to fix this bug?

Why I go opposite all time? After the update 4.0 I am facing no problem with the videos. I have to do just a click and the video starts. Before, I watch the whole video but I don’t get rewards but now, it never happens. I am very happy regarding videos. It may be a problem for some players on windows.

Thing is I’m not on windows… I’ve had the problem with not getting the boost, I just switch to my other phone 

Gosh, when will you learn. Everyone knows that there are some players that can watch the videos completely fine right now, but that’s not the main point. I bet you “go opposite all time” cause you’re just trying to get likes (or reactions, whatever you want to call them) from those who have ads