Bonjour, qui peut m’expliquer pour les vidéo comment sa marche.? Car des fois ta des jour je vais pouvoir en visionner plein et aujourd’hui à peine joue avec un Samsung Android est ce que sa change le nombre vidéo? Merci de vos reponse

Hello, who can explain to me how video for his walk . ? Because of your time of day I will be able to view full and now barely played with a Samsung Android is that its number changes the video ? Thank you for your answer


-Google Translator


If we can get this information over to Flaregames, they will know the issue is occuring.


Here is how:


  1. Answer all these question best you can:


What is your IGN (In Game Name) 


What device are you using (tablet, phone, computer) 


What is the OS on the device (Adroid, iOS - Apple, Windows, or some other) 


What version is the OS you are using (Windows 8/8.1, iOS 7 or 8, Android 4) 


What exactly, every step, do you do to recreate the problem? 


How often do you see this problem (everytime, once-a-day, every week) 


When did the issue start (does not need to be the exact date)


  1. Go to


  1. Fill out the form


  1. Copy and paste the questions and answers in the bug report.