Videos doesn't give reward

Hi everyone,

since yesterday all videos dont give rewards on Windows 10 PC and Mobile latest versions.

I watched videos for chests, boost farms, tavern, blacksmith or reduce construction times but got nothing.


Thank you!

I have your same problem in my laptop.

Seems you applied the Flare fix, no videos now.

I wanted the rewards, not removal of videos.

It’s like Flare having a store at the corner of the street, some complain about higher prices and Flare gets a bulldozer and demolishes the store. ?

I had the same problem yesterday. Win 10. Now it says, i have no offers, but i did not see any videos today. It is really disturbing. Are there any workarounds?


You just will have to wait till Vungle gets things sorted on their end.

I am having same problem and old fix is not working either. IGN: Dena Ann




You used to be able to go through a series of deleting the VungleSDK folder, but that’s not working this time. 

It doesn’t work, since flare now disabled ads. It will work again, when they fixed it. So since it’s weekend, I expect it to be on Monday.

Why we should do this ??? It should be ok as for all other devices … as usuall windows players are unwanted children lol 

Sucks devices, sucks customer service

ok if windows 10 has been disabled , then how are we to compete with other devices that can still use the video boosts? we had 3 fights yesterday and when the boosts stopped it basically froze us , And without extra food ,wich come first , the festival or the war? Come Flare , either disable all boosts for everyone or get it in gear and fix it so everyone gets boosts , PLEASE ASAP , the loss of boosts also is not fare to those who pay , so why pay?


RODO :slight_smile:
its a live on 25th of may.

Unbelievable…  It is holiday weekend in US so lots of personal activities going on, wars happening, festival going on, and on top of that if you upgrade something you can’t speed it up due to no ads for boosts, upgrades, or chests.  So now PC users are so handicapped because Flare shut all ads off we are damned if we fight wars and forget festival, or fight festival and give up on wars, have to carry far too much gold in treasury making us ripe targets for everyone, and takes even longer to do any upgrades…


Flare should have disabled all adds, for all OS. At least it would be fair then. Now I don’t really need those videos at the moment, since everything I have is maxed out. But still… It feels like back to the old days, where Windows users were the only ones having no videos. There is no way we can compete with players having videos.

I wonder how many out there continued boost play…

If I had I would have boosted my taverns. Seeing a tavern boost happening twice a day (if you use the free boosting I do) for two days it would have ranked up 320 gems.

So any Windows based account would at least have to have spent 80 gems as a start per day. This I would see as a bar minimum for those that wise to have 10 hours of boosted Gold or those that war a lot on boosted farms. Of course the two hourly free chest are handy to have but frankly I have no idea how to put a ‘gem price’ on that. Is shortening a build via the free boost system equal to 20 gems. Again not a clue.

However you look at it not a pretty picture compared to those playing RR2 on iOS and Android.

Flare should have shutdown video for everyone : Windows,Android,Ipad,etc… to be more fair

If they let’s everyone on mobile have video then I suggest to Flare to give us 1000 gems in compensation to allow us to boost farms and taverns. at close 45 gems each you can boost them 2 times each. At least for the War,league,Festival,etc…

In my case I have it on Windows before the shutdown so its more frustrating now. During the time mobile have their. Back to 2014-2016 when Windows haved disavantage against mobile. Worst moment ever

at least Flare for Windows User give us auto boost farms and taverns like the community weeks for at least 2 days.its the best you can do right now

I like the idea of auto boosted farm/taverns till the issue is resolved for on Windows played RR2 accounts.

Good one @Warriornator

I have videos again but still no rewards, still can’t connect to Facebook either.