Videos for Windows

Flare finally confirmed that video ads will be coming soon in windows. But how much soon? How much will we have to wait? Even when we get them, will we get the same benefits of its android counterpart?

if we’ll be able to watch videos we will get the same of android (i hope)

can’t wait for this update so us window players can keep up with the rest hopefully it doesn’t take that long already bein waiting for ages come on flare update us ?

Hmm, the longer i think about the bread advantage over a windows player in the leagues, the more i like it to stay a little bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, only a joke :wink:

It may or may not work. iOS videos have stopped.


Ios works fine for me 

Flares have promised something? And you believe it? Keep waiting… I’m already waiting for 2 years… :slight_smile:

I only hope there is some competition? Once a similar zoner game hits the market…hmm… we will see how FG reacts.  -_-