Videos on windows will be unavailable for 6 more weeks

Considering Windows players in EU will be without videos for a total 8 weeks.


? ? 

I don’t think we have the same definition of “Discrimination”. They are not stopping the videos because of your region on purpose but rather because of a bug. A really shitty bug, but a unvolontary bug nonetheless. Is it a simple fix ? Yes, no, maybe ? Your theory is as good as mine.

But what Flare does have right now is a huge lack of transparency and communication as to what seem to be the exact problem, who is currently responsible for this mess, and what is done about it. All we know is its related somehow to the GPDR. 

Come on 8 weeks for a bug?

Lets get serious.

In 8 weeks you can conceive a child and raise it in a incubator.

Did other platforms suffer from GDPR? No.

So they are not incompetents when they want to.

Thats discrimination or incompetence? We know they can do it but what the h, its only Windows and only in EU.

Don’t want to be “that guy” but the title could use some editing.

Let’s say it’s a quick fix. Like a few hours. Why not do it then ? Flare is getting a revenue from those videos. Why not get that revenue. Just to piss off EU windows users for no apparent reason ? 

Wibdows is the best OS since Glinux or Bapple.

I was refering more to the double negative but yeah, typo too. Then again, Weebdows could be a popular system in some circles. Or Weedbows.

Yes the name of the topic was the problem.

Windows is not a big chunk of their market so rather than spend time and money on releasing an update for them they said screw them we will fix it in next update.

Nice watch. I don’t notice lol. in topic title will be unavailable and in orange title will not be unavailable. In the title he should change for Not be available.

They should have spend time required to create that 5 minute video to read what Vungle said about GDPR and followed up that advice instead. Then Windows players in EU would not have to wait for more than 6 weeks for the videos to be fixed.

I have a hunch flare is trying to mimic triple-A game publishers and their conferences, by spending a considerable amount of budget/resources on promotional materials no one really wants or cares about, instead of using those resources to prepare an actually complete and fully functional product. Because let’s face it, if Gala made an announcement post along lines of “Hey y’all, here’s what we have in store for the next release: <list of things>” everyone would get the message with a fraction of the time and workforce required to make a series of videos. Not as flashy, but at least as effective.

Either that, or they have a whole bunch of animators/graphic designers that need something to do.

Wouldn’t call it discrimination and unfortunately it happening everywhere. Just look at amount of games for android and iOS and then how many of them are available on windows? For devs it is better bigger market and brings more money so equation is easy why invest money in something that will bring fractional profits. Maybe one day windows users will be as important for game devs as other platforms but for now we got what we got. 

If they didn’t support Windows with this game, I would not complain, I would not even play this game. But the game is available on Windows and videos are working. Only, rewards are not given by receiving an unknown result from Vungle.

Only because they have other priorities, players have to wait for months till something easy, what has a huge disadvantage is fixed. I work with Xamarin nowadays, our software supports Windows, iOS and Android, so don’t tell me how hard it is to develop software for multiple platforms. 

Any other software company should try to ignore bugs that have negative impact on the system, not helping a customer who reports a problem and letting them wait for a long time, when there’s no workaround. Yes, there is one, install bluestacks and install the game there, are we getting nuts? This is similar like telling a customer to throw their device away and buy a better one.   

I know flare developers will be extremely busy, since the new release must be ready at any cost. Been there, done that. Boss sets milestones and release dates and no matter what, the release must be ready at that moment, even when it means that you need to work in the evening and even in the weekend. I know it sounds hard, but even just reading that piece of information that Vungle wrote seems to be asked too much. How often I did research in my own time, I lost counting. 

I can tell you that this is not that hard to fix, it’s all about priorities. 

That’s the part I can’t get my head around. Videos are basicaly free money. How can a company let something like this lay around for a month if it’s a quick fix. I know we love to laugh a Flare sometime appareance of incompetence but this is next level stupid. I just don’t get it.

I am not telling you how hard it is. But I am sure that you know from your experience. What my post says is that devs priorities lay down with iOS Andy android before windows. 

It seems they have fixed it already, but only did fix it in the new release. 

I think they have already fix it but the fix will be available only when 4.0 arrive. Its the main problem. that why so many are angry

And then they will not add that part to the release notes, just like previous time. ?

The CM of the android is more terrible
Many CMs do not say anyone, but emphasize the effect of becoming a mummy (It’s a thinning medicine CM)

No one says? It is because profits outweigh the discomfort they look away.

CMs in all countries are different, but they will not check everything.

No one says…

The remedy may be worse than the disease.    

They are EU companies and will see the EU…

For Japanese customers, they just translate part of the game into Japanese.

And They surely do not grasp the meaning either.