quand les soucis de vidéos serrons réglés  afin de récupérer les coffres légendaires et pouvoirs accélérer les fermes etc…car depuis 10mois de jeu ca a du fonctionner les 3 premiers mois et depuis plus rien donc vachement pénalisé sur ce litiges et sans parler des beug du jeu en continu sur windows10 surtout apparemment…???

I didn’t full understand what you said, even after using Google Translator.

If you asked why we don’t have video ads working yet, it’s because this will only get fixed on version 4.0 being released on end of July.

See below for more info:

In the meantime, if you really want to watch ads on PC, you can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Install a free vpn and connect to a location somewhere out of the EU (USA for example)
  2. Install a free android emulator because ads work on android (example: BlueStacks3, NoxPlayer)

I would recommend the VPN because it’s much more straightforward and doesn’t eat all of your machine resources.

Just like me and a thousand people have already said, VPNs solve this issue, as you can see here: