Vidio rewards often not given

About 20-30% of the time videos end up in a blank white screen where all I can do is force restart the app.

When this happens I loose the reward, faster completion or what ever is at steak.

Very annoying indeed !

Have you set your screen-rotation to on? If no, this can be the problem (I encountered the same too with screen-rotation off in Android).

My screen rotation is on if that means what I think it means.

Playing on iPad Air 1 with latest iOS applied.

I have noticed that the blank white screen almost always appears right before the final screen where you can close the video.

But sometimes I get ‘stuck’ on that white screen and the only option is to force quit the app.

Thanx for the feedback ?

I still loose like 1 in 5 video rewards due to ‘white screen freeze’

PLEASE look into this…

Hello all,

I have the “same” problem that @Bladerunner2063 without the screen freeze. When I want to reduce the time in the construction, I launch the video, but have not the reduction…Actually, it’s the tenth time, and no rewards… So, now, no offer available…and no reduction time  

Offers who not works with me : Tap Heroes, Merge Dragons and all others that are presented as this at the end of the videos…

Few others videos work, and not there…Why ?




Since gameversion 4.4 I also have such problems, after the videos is a black screen. (Android 8.1)

When I switch to mobile menus and get back into the game, I get the reward an d the game is running…

I have tried your advice @Jesper but one time work, and the another time…not

It’s very frustrating :angry: :angry: :angry:

Reduction time for Heal Tower…6 videos…no works :slightly_frowning_face:

8 videos … and work…very boring