To serve & To Protect 

I’m currently looking for friendly, Loyal and active members to join our Alliance, we are quite a new clan. We have some really faithful & Loyal members and soon we will become stronger! (Until further notice and updates on the Alliance )  + Requirements?

·       At least 450 Trophies

·       Bronze league (at most)

·       Friendly and easy kinda going person.

·       Active (Unless your really busy, that we can understand) 

+Why join us?  -Because we are a friendly clan that will help you and will try our best to fit with your needs! -Because we are open-minded and would love to hear your ideas!  

+Current Alliance Info

·       lvl 7 Alliance


lvl 1 Poison arrows tower ·       lvl 2 Elite blazing knight

lvl 1 Power Archer






A quick info About myself & the Alliance “Vidorra”  Hello, my name is Actaliem. “Vidorra” is the Alliance/Guild/Clan or whatever you call it which I had made. If you’re wondering I did not create the Alliance name from scrath rather I got the name from one of my favorite song “Vidorra” by TUNGEVAAG. Some of my hobbys include:

·       Playing video games such as "Minecraft, Clash of clans, Royal Revolt 2 and such more.

·       I like to hear EDM & Classical Music




Many thanks, Actaliem IGN: Actaliem



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