Vietnamese players

Firstly i’m not racist.

But i’m curious about the attitude of some Vietnamese players in this game. In Royal Revolt 2 we all know there are many different kind of players. There’s no need to list them. From the loyal one to the jumper one and so on.

Everyone in this game can do whatever want. Each person has a different behaviour. Especially in this game which is full of players coming from all over the world. You’re asking yourselves why i want to focus on some Vietnamese players of this game (Obviously i’m not talking about every single Vietnamese of this game,but i’m talking about a large part of them).  

I’m curious about their attitude. I would like to know why they act in a way that is frustrating and annoying sometimes. So i’m here to know if someone can explain me why they act in a bizzarre way. Speaking for myself, I’m Italian,i like playing this game,i play RR2 for fun but i like also the values that there are behind this game. A game mainly based on team values. 

In this game there are a lot of jumpers. Jumpers can ruin an alliance and they are a large part in this game. They jump from alliance to alliance in search of the best boosts among the alliances. I figured out that a large part of them are Vietnamese. My question is why? Why a player should jump from alliance to alliance only to get the best boosts of the whole game? My question is why particularly you? Don’t you like being loyal? No matter if you don’t. But don’t ruin an alliance with your opportunistic and convenience attitude. I’m sorry but doing that you will get a bad reputation and many leaders won’t accept you in alliances anymore. This is just a my personal consideration but at the same time the real fact of this game.

I’m sorry to see all this kind of attitudes coming from some Vietnamese players. But this is the reality. I challenge anyone to say otherwise. I would like to know an answer about this real problem. If some Vietnamese wants reply to this topic in a polite way, i would be grateful. This topic is headed to everyone. What do you think about it? My aim is not to hurt anyone. I’m just curious about this problem. That’s why i used the word " some".  I’m sure Vietnamese people are not opportunistic. They have its own values, culture and traditions like any country. I respect them. I’m just talking about the game. And the reality i see around me. 

Well i hope this topic will arouse interest among all of you.

i can give you a little example of troubling act in this game 

When I was in Blade Storm alliance 6 month ago or around August 2015. We have some Vietnamese player there and one of them was very troubling

on the chat he have write something like : Where is my wife? Where is my wife? She miss me

and sometime the same guy can write on the chat : Guy I fly and reach the heaven ( Every freaking out) no one have something to say we have thinking this guy try to do a suicide move in direct I don’t know. I have freaking out the first time in my life that happen :blink:

sometime you don’t know who to react to this!!! like What?

about jumper I don’t check what nationality jump the most but for me its French people. When you add most of them 20 minute or 1 hour later they leave. you check what alliance they find. You can check them 1 week after they change again of alliance. With French people you never know in adavance what they gonna do in the game. Do their fight during War season. Play 1 time each 2 days,etc…

I agree. Vietnamese players have a bad reputation in RR2, we have to be realistic and say that it’s not all of them, but a huge part consists on boost seekers. Some time ago in G&M we made the decision not to accept Vietnamese players anymore, we once had a guy called Thinh and we gave him many chances to stay loyal and yet he still left the team whenever he wanted without telling us, so we’re not doing that again.

@Warriornator Frenchmen aren’t necessarily jumpers, there are some good teams full of loyal French people. Now we have to pay attention to a detail and it’s the fact that some French people only like to speak their own language, not all of them either, but some. I have no idea why, because learning and speaking other languages is very cool, but I’ve found French people on everygame that I’ve played (not only RR2) that simply don’t like you because you can’t communicate with them in French, and they just don’t want to speak any other language. We’re not taking in consideration situations like when French is the only language they speak, because it’s not fun when you can’t communicate with your team at all because none of them speak your language, but still some French people just decide not to use other languages they know and then leave.

The question is: Why. I mean why ruining all the alliances acting in this opportunistic way. Day after day i notice this issue increasing. It’s really frustrating when the alliance just need only active players. 

Me too i’m not racist but i have to say something sadly for the vietnamese people. As leader i try my best to talk with them, i let enter everyone in my alliance, i like have a multi-etnic alliances because you can know various culture, ways of doing, etc and everytime there is a new player who doesn’t know english i just use google translate to try to communicate with him/her because for me the communication is important even if there are only few exchange of words.

Unfortunately i have to say that i’m totally unlucky with vietnamese people. It’s hard as hell have a good approach even if you try to help them talking with their language for something or know better them, they just refuse to answer, totally indifferent of what the alliance does, even 1 of my alliance avoided to accept my friend request even when he logged every day in game because i had to tell him an important thing. Bah…Loyalty pffff what is?  Communication pffff what is? That’s why every day that pass from 100% that i was free to let them enter now i’m getting close to 0%. Hard to say but yes definetely. It’s a sacrilege try to talk with them.

Need to be very careful with this thread, cause it may become highly explosive… I apologize ahead if someone gets hurt.

Think there are two strong things that cause this situation: Language and Cultural approach.

First the language. In many countries there is a problem with English (or any other international language), especially for the younger players, who are still at schools. For example Viet-Nam, Korea, Russia, China, Less from France and Germany. This is a strong reason for those players to seek their same language speaking alliances and they will normally jump from one alliance to another, until they find the one that speaks their language on the chat. Usually they will stay there and not jump anymore.

Second, the cultural. We all know that the players here come from many nationalities and cultures. In some of them, Viet-Nam by the way is a great example, as far as I know about their culture, the clan/family is the most important thing. When they are in different culture alliance, they don’t feel home. They probably even don’t trust players from other cultures. Therefore they jump a lot until they find a Viet Namese alliance.

We had some players from Viet-Nam, they never stayed loyal. Not even one of them. Really sorry for that, cause some of them were good players and we really tried to make them feel at home and welcomed.

Nevertheless, I can recall jumpers, even traitors (leave for the opponent alliance in the middle of the war) who were from France, USA and other countries as well…


Really? impressive I don’t notice that in the game maybe I I don’t join alliance with Vietnamese player I don’t know. Wow this topic its interesting. We learn something :slight_smile:

I agree with Edward. It is impossible to communicate with Vietnamese or get the friend request accepted. They are usually like to be in an alliance where they have their own people. For eg. we had a Vietnamese player whose English was good and he used to communicate with players. But one day he left suddenly to join an Vietnamese alliance hours before the season began. I know it is frustrating but it is not only them. There are French and Dutch players too, who can talk in English very well, but somehow aren’t comfortable with an alliance with the English language.

I also wanted to add on to what Edward had said. Beside culture and language barrier, we need to have their point of view. In the 3rd world like Vietnam they do not have much access to high speed internet. Mostly like 2G data. Their major platform is Windows which is lack of Tap and joy. Turtle Wifi. No free food. Every resources are precious to them. Whey would jump even in their own Ally. It bugs

me whenever I see those ð,ê,õ letter players came in the Ally but I got used to it.

Whenever I see them talk about jumping or asking for more boosts (buff), I will tell them don’t be a jumper. You represent where you from and don’t make the Vietnamese community looks bad which is really bad already. Mostly they will listen. If they live in the developed countries I’m sure they will do better.

IGN: [Ô_Ô]

No way. I’ve always lived in a third world country, and as you can see, I’m nothing like those Vietnamese guys…

haha i too use 2G data and only occasionally 3G and wifi and window platform too XD but you can ask my teammates how i behave :stuck_out_tongue:


And for the behaviour of vietnamese players i think its not limited to vietnamese players each players has his own character (good or bad) so they dont necessarily depend on a particularly country. A few weeks ago one of the user mentions that he dislikes indian players because they are rude but i am an indian and i dont think i am rude XD what i see the problem is that game is full of vietnamese players and teams. Each league i play i get a min 2-3 vietnamese players and each war season we play min 2 viet team. Maybe RR2 is so popular in viet that most of them play the game so the behaviour mentioned in the thread is mangnified.

I had the same experience with them, you are not alone, completely agree with both points on Vietnamese and French people, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that! NOT AT ALL!

But if you’re not willing to try it, it’s better to stay far away from them :slight_smile:

The question is: why should i join an alliance then leave just after? This attitude is known among them. They will get a bad reputation doing that. I’m so sorry but i always try to understand their behaviour. In 2016 i wish the world was more globalised. Seem they like minding their own business but is bad for a game that instead accept every kind of country. 

I agree with most of what guys above have said about Viet players,  but if you watch Viet Alliances they also don’t stay there so long either.  

I honestly think it’s just HOW they like to play the game. 

EVERYONE  plays this game differently, someone posted the other day "I attack the same player 20 times per day for last 5 months and don’t see a problem "  now I would never do that but that’s up to each player how THEY like to play.  

I personally stay in same Alliance, I’m active in game chat,  don’t repeat attack same guy ,  don’t farm gold /trophies/medals from a single player etc but that DOESN’T make me any better than someone who does the opposite to all those things.  

Its just how I choose to play the game ?

Human being is selfish,u can provide them necessity they stay,if not they leave,unless u are in top alliance.story is diff

What irritates me is when they join the alliance then immediately ask for extra boosts, like their 100k donation is worth that much to us :wink:


Lots of French players in my alliance and they are mostly great, the odd one come and go but most are loyal.

:confused: so sad ._.

Hah, the worst Vietnamese of all have come for a visit

Vietnamese leave top alliance too, like Apocalypse

If u say so,then dunno what is in their alliance normally offer the same boost,what is the point jump here and there?