Viking Improvement

I think we need Every troop (specially new ones) to get almost equally choices for everyone i.e. There should not be very powerful troop (like what now _Necromancer _is) that evry one can choose in defence or offence.

So is with _Vikings _that they are not very good at offence than Stunning Ogre.

Knocking back ability is Good, but it could be a second thought of anyone about Viking while seeing it for First Time. 

What could be first thought is ability to  Shield  (ally troops and King) ,like Monks do, but in some other way(like hitting shield to ground, etc.)

And One thing more that - when Vikings knockback, then at that moment, any attack (near or ranged) coming should go back towards thier respective attackers (for e.g. cannon balls towards cannons  lightining stroke towards nacromancer or skeletons  bombs either from skull or bomb tower should return back even they are on the grounds  &  arrows from tower or archer or arblaster etc.)

This could make Vikings a Very Good choice for players in offence and/or defence among other troops.


Totally agree that the Viking needs some work on defense, but there’s one problem. The Viking on offense is actually pretty good. He buys you a lot of time to take down towers. But then we come to defense, and that’s where you are right!

the Vikings never attract me since day 1 in the game. Their look,their attacks,etc… I like Necromancer or Monk but Viking stay alone in a corner.

That is why i want Vikings to become better atleast that they can be of  some good use.


We will take a look at the balancing of the Viking.

*gasp* we got a response

But when It’ll happen ? On 5th April server update there is no name of Viking.

I hole the creators will make this improvement soon…but  _soon  _is how much soon ?

It takes Flare a long time to do anything. 

From what I have seen that necro bimbo takes too long to discharge the electric pulse crap. Her strongest attributes are the skeletons which can be a pain sometimes. The blasters mow her down easily but seem to have some problems on those kids of hers. Usually just use hammer on them and they go away.