Viking's aura of immunity

Despite the recent buff, vikings are still way under utilised because… well… it is still really useless.


I have made several suggestions on how to improve it, but here’s my latest one:-


Give Viking an aura of immunity against certain conditions for a radius of 5.0 range, specifically, fear, slow, confused and most importantly, petrify. For example, if a viking unit is present, any unit within a radius of 5 cannot be confused or petrified etc…


This will give Vikings way more function in defense as they are now important to prevent other units from being petrified or slowed down. It will create more depth to the game as players will have to find the right balance between having more necromancers or alternatively sacrificing some morale points to include vikings to prevent a lesser amount of necromancers with immunity to the aforementioned conditions.


p.s. Vikings were already created to counter petrification anyway, albeit in a very ineffective way currently. Implementing this suggestion will actually let players use Vikings the way they were meant to be used.

Love it! So basically his shield is protecting your other troops. One question about this though. What happens when you have two Vikings that are separated by a radius of 5. It would be a bit OP with too many Vikings if you ask me. Good idea, I just think that the radius could be moved down to 3 or even 2