Villages and Mines no longer worth extra?

Villages and mines show up as grasslands and give no extra points? Did not see that change in the list of changes?

Good find. It’s indeed the case. Maybe during this conquest only Eastern stuff gets additional points. 

I like this change, since those are already very valuable strategically, but it seems like many things were changed about CQ and not included in the patch notes. 

I was not aware of the change up front, but in general, we want to create unique experiences with every new Conquest map, so that it gives new experiences every time (such as tech tree changes, layout changes, different amount of special tiles and things like that). Every Conquest should provide new excitement in exploring the map. :slight_smile: I do agree that changing the special tile scores though can be slightly confusing though. But it was adjusted to make them not so crucially important for winning.

So … I guess you can say… there’s Easter eggs in this conquest.


*Ba dum tsss

I think it was a bug that they are sticking with. It inappropriately displays as grassland

I do not mind the change up but think it is silly that mountains and water do not count!      Mountains and Water count in the real world and are often strategic.  I do agree to make some changes from time to time to challenge.  


I like the change. Good job.

It’s an interesting change cause the Mine, Village, and Library do give us a special ability already. I don’t mind not gaining extra points from them because it’s still an important tile to go after