Visual bug?

75.18% + 5.88% = 81.06% Luck. Game Show me 76.64% Luck. Can someone explain? Sorry for my bad English 

Luck perks do not simply sum together… There is a strange equation to use. 

It is already been discussed somewhere on the forum. 

But you can trust the shown value to be correct 

Dnt say sorry about your English??

No matter how hard I try, I have NO idea what equation flare has used to put these two together to get this number. I mean, the closest I get is 76.64 (the final result) minus 75.18 (the original). The difference there is 1.46. Times 1.46 by 4 and you get 5.84…I mean, it’s close, but idk

It’s not really a bug. The luck perk is nerfed. The higher % you have the less it adds when you add more. Your 5.88% (6%) is added to your existing 75.18%(127.84%.). But since you already hace a high luck value, the 6% is only adding 1.46% 

The problem reside at the fact that they keep both pro and normal stats in two different column. The 5.88%(6%) would be correct if you didn’t have any normal luck perk.

Your real value are these : 76.65% ( 133.84% ).

Considering that the luck perk does not increase the possibility to find an item in the chest but it decreases the chance to find the evil skull… I think that the equation is smtg like this. 

If you have several items with luck values L1, L2,… The total luck you get is 


Still it does not make any sense for me but it seems to work